Monday, July 23, 2007

Three Rivers Festival

I would like to know what the readers of this blog think about The Three Rivers Festival.

We moved to Fort Wayne when I was nine years old. As a kid we used to go to a couple of Three Rivers Festival Events each year. The one event we always went to was the "Raft Race."

As a kid I loved going to the "Raft Race."

This year my wife and I did not attend any Three Rivers Festival Events. I am not really sure why. We had a lot going on and just did not make the time.

Did you go to the Three Rivers Festival?

Mike Sylvester


Parson said...

I went down there for the carnival type food and Sevendust the first Saturday of the festival. It was pretty good. If you like loud hard rock music. They had like 6 bands for $18.00 (if you didn't have a festival button). Not a bad deal.

Anonymous said...

We went down with the kids on Sunday and bought lunch and took them on some rides. Later we returned for the fireworks. Pricey, but a good time.

Anonymous said...

I didn't go this year. I haven't for the past few years. It just isn't something I enjoy doing much anymore. And I don't really have the budget for it.

Richard said...

Fireworks sucked.

Anonymous said...

To me fireworks are always the same. If you have seen fireworks once you are just reviewing the same thing every time after that.

Anonymous said...

We went to the Arts United Center to see Troupe Taleeba perform. (My wife is taking a belly dance class from one of the dancers.)

After that, we wandered around, let my son splash his feet in the fountain, got the obligatory lemon shake-up, and took off.

I don't know what I would *want* TRF to be, but it's just not compelling to this 30-something couple.

Andrew Kaduk said...

Anyone who didn't attend TRF this year truly missed the boat. The wife and I pulled some strings to get a babysitter last Thursday so we could go spend 5 hours watching the Dark Star was absolutely awesome. I got to hang out with a bunch of old friends and made at least one new friend (I think...).

Granted, we felt a little bad that the kids didn't get to attend the concert with us, so we drug them to the Zoo on Saturday to make up for it.

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