Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First thing that went wrong at last night's City Council meeting

Various posts around th enet from the people who were in attendance at last night's Fort Wayne City Council meeting confirm what I witnessed from inside the meeting. Here's what they DIDN'T see:

The Harrison Square project:

Shortly before the meeting started, Mike Sylvester was asked if he got his questions answered (which have been many and very simply explained). His answer was "No." And that's all that was said about that.

Three rows on one side of the very small room (1/4th of the spaces) were reserved for the city officials and HardBall People and those in favor of the project. The first two rows on the other side were reserved for the Media. (1/4) of the spaces.

Council was given a stack of new details as the meeting started. Did they make it available to the public? Did they have time to read it??

And BECAUSE THERE WERE NO MICROPHONES it was very hard to hear the details and discussion concerning the deal they worked out.

BECAUSE THE PUBLIC WAS LOCKED OUT.. when it came time to oppose the Harrison Square Project, no one was in the room to disagree. No one asked outside if there was public comment on Harrison Square. I left shortly thereafter to go see where everyone was.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't make it to the meeting in person, but I did persuade my family to watch it over public access. I think I got more information from that anyway.

That was a ridiculous move putting the meeting in such a small room. The Council should be ashamed of its actions.

This is just another one of the many reasons we need new leadership in this city.

Flip said...

The council has been meeting in that room for months now. The agenda was posted prior to the meeting, and if someone was really eager to speak on a topic they could have shown up early to get a seat, tell the clerk they wish to speak on the topic before the meeting, or phone ahead for a spot to speak, just as Mike Sylvester did for the property tax discussion.

Anonymous said...

That's crap, flipper.

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