Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mitch Harper has a report you should really read

Mitch Harper is the editor of the weblog Fort Wayne Observed. His blog is one of the three blogs (Fort Wayne Left and Fort Wayne News) that I read every day. Links to all three are on the sidebar.

You should check out this post:

Councilman's Pape's stance on Harrison Square is fairly typical of the minority of Fort Wayne residents who support this project.

I often hear it touted that this project will bring high paying jobs to Fort Wayne. I laugh each and every time I hear it; however, as the public cost of the project keeps increasing I also am tempted to cry.

I have asked City Council members, various supporters of the project, and The City of Fort Wayne to name ten companies that will move to Fort Wayne due to this project.

The silence is deafening...

If anyone reading this blog knows of some companies that will move to Fort Wayne due to Harrison Square please let us know!

Mike Sylvester

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