Thursday, July 12, 2007

When a news story isn't a news story.. again...

News Channel 15 headlined a story today by reporting the effect of the Smoking Ban on Fort Wayne bars. Their report aimed to have a conclusion about some of the numbers bar owners turned into City Council members on Tuesday night.

In their story, however, they point out a quote from an independent certified planner who found the information ambiguous at best.

So how can this be a conclusion about the effect?

Some people turned in some numbers. They are trying to get attention that they are in danger. There IS a real story here and it is people are hurting.

10% of someone's budget isn't the same as 10% of someone else's, true---but 10% WILL break some people. And it has.


Tim Zank said...

I think this illustrates my point made last week. The media overwhelming sides with the anti-smoking movement, as it is more politically correct. No matter whose financial lives are flushed down the toilet, the story is still gonna be the "ban is good for the health of the majority". Not the poor bastard who lost all his customers. said...

I have a friend in Columbus who was forced to close his restaurant due to the smoking ban. Fortunately he was able to reopen in an adjoining county.

Where are the compassionate liberals.

Anonymous said...

To the liberals (and to some big government Republicans who shall remain nameless), to borrow from Animal Farm, all businesses are equal, but some are more equal than others:

We need more things downtown to attract more businesses.

Small bar owner? Screw 'em.

ROACH said...

read my post:

I dont smoke cigarettes. I enjoy a cigar now and then. my buds and I smoked catnip at teenagers- that was interesting. I inhale. often. I enjoy it- it helps my PTSD.

I wont frequent bars with too dense smoke. I dont like having nice cloths reeking of smoke. and pinhole burns from inconsiderate smokers makes me ballistic.
A little courtesy, and mutual respect of non-smokers goes a long way. Outdoor smoking cabanas, like showgirl1's new handcrafted wood, enclosed patio is really nice- cutting edge- maybe there is a silver lining to the smoking cloud- like in vegas- where you can walk around downtown, with a drink in one hand, and a smoke in the other. medicinal MJ is in their state constitution.
Follow the money- who owns the bars out in the county- Wim bosch- a GOP supporter comes readily to mind- as do others. this smoking ban is to drive small fish out of business, and grab up their liquor licenses at a song, to relocate downtown. I'm voting for Tom Henry, and distributing my council votes firly among all 3 local parties.
keep me posted!thanks.
btw- did you notice that Kelty, Tom Henry, Knuth, Shine, and most of the Council was AWOL? whats that tell you?

Robert Enders said...

Ok, Mr. Roach. I'll bite. How did you get PTSD?

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