Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fishing License

I used to go fishing a lot; however, in the last few years I have gone less then I wuld like.

I went out and got my fishing license today. It cost me $17!

Mike Sylvester


Angry White Boy said...

Oh whaaaa.... I'm a consummate fisher-guy. Small price to pay for the return. Let me know when we're going! ;)

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I am taking the kids Wednesday if the weather cooperates.

You and I can go anytime!


Bobby G. said...

$17 bucks?!?

I believe that is STILL cheaper than a MARRIAGE license...
(and a bettr bargain for the price)

(wife just slapped me)


Andrew Kaduk said...

I had no idea they were still that cheap! I'm only holding a Michigan and an Ohio license at the moment, but at that price, Indiana is a steal! Of course, the IDNR is also hilariously under-staffed and there are a lot of Indiana waterways that are in need of some restoration funding...

Perhaps they should charge more.