Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tim Manges lied

Tim Manges submitted a letter that the News Sentinel printed today that contains a massive lie that I am going to put to rest.

You can read the letter in its entirely here, his lie is in bold:

City says it has been responsive

Harrison Square critic Mike Sylvester continues to criticize the city of Fort Wayne's response to numerous public records requests made by Mr. Sylvester. No matter how much information is provided to Mr. Sylvester, he continues to question and publicly complain about the city's lack of responsiveness to his requests.

Mr. Sylvester fails to mention in his recent letter to the editor that city government has responded to every single letter and request he has made in recent months. Mr. Sylvester also failed to note that he never sent the city a list of 58 questions that he continues to say he did. In many cases, Mr. Sylvester has requested information that does not exist. City officials have also met privately with residents, including Mr. Sylvester, who requested information sessions. That meeting also did not meet Mr. Sylvester's expectations.

Even with the consistent criticism from Mr. Sylvester, city officials are committed to working hard each day to retain and gain jobs, build excellent services, be the safest city of our size in the country and finalize a landmark downtown development for our community and region.

Tim Manges
City Attorney

Tim Manges did not even tell a good lie. I decided browse through my email account to determine how many times I submitted this list of questions to various people over the last four months:

Sent to Pat Roller once by email
Sent to Tim Manges TWICE by email
Set to Greg Leatherman once by email
Sent to Mark Becker once by email
Sent to Councilman Tom Didier once by email
Sent to Councilman Talarico once by email
Sent to Councilman Pape once by email

Note: I have copies of each and every one of these emails...

I also went back and browsed several emails I have exchanged with various people about my questions. In fact one of the best ones is from Councilman Tim Pape. In that email Tim Pape tells me he will submit my list of questions to the Mayor's office himself.

In his email Councilman Pape told me that he would and I quote "I will forward that to the Mayor's Office." That in this case is my list of 58 questions.

Note: I of course have a copy of that email as well.

I have other things to do; however, I will most likely post some more emails and specifics. Councilman Didier and I had a similar email exchange.

I am extremely angry at the City Attorney. I cannot believe that he is lying about this.

Heck I am going to contact the three City Councilmen who I sent these questions to and ask them what they think of the lie that the City Attorney just submitted to the News Sentinel. I would think the City attorney would have a little more ethics then he is currently displaying.

Tim Manges needs to post a retraction in the News Sentinel.

Editors update at 11:22 PM Wednesday July 25th, Tim Manges also needs to make a public apolgy, a retraction is insufficient.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

Uhhhhhhhh. Usually requests like this are sent by certified mail.

Looks like you just emailed your 58 questions.

Would have been ALOT smarter to send the questions through the mail.

Jeff Pruitt said...

There's no statutory requirement to send the request via certified mail...

Anonymous said...


I do know that you sent the list of questions to me and it was my understanding that after you sent the list, you met personally with Pat Roller to discuss various questions you had.

I really cannot speak as to whether the questions ever were received directly by Tim Manges. I know that I did not forward them directly to Tim.

But yes, I did receive a long list of questions from you (the exact number I cannot remember, but a lot).


LP Mike Sylvester said...

I often communicate with the City by email...

Tim Manges and I have exchanged many emails over the last few months...

Why would I need a Certified Letter? Even with a Certified Letter I could not prove what was in the letter; just that I sent a letter.

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

I thought you were smarter than than, Mike.

Why did you send it over email?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Why not?

It was NOT part of a formal "information request."

Mike Sylvester

Andrew Kaduk said...

E-mail is truly the only 100% traceable, verifiable method by which to communicate.

I guess the question now is, did you send them directly to Manges or did you send them to a city attorney email dump-box that's parsed by somebody from the secretary pool every morning?

Parson said...

The City Attorney should have prove of everything he says in that letter to the editor? This seems like a lame attempt to distract everyone from the fact the city won't provide the information Mike requested. Just like them keeping the people out of the city council meetings. They don't want anyone to know how they are plotting to rip us off.

Anonymous said...

"It was NOT part of a formal "information request."

Mike- can you explain that statement? Did you or did you not request these questions get answered using the states Open Records Law (or FOIA)?

Kevin said...

Sorry- I was not logged in- the comment at 5:47am was from me.

Kevin Knuth

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I will try to explain it.

I sumbitted my list of questions to several poeple by email. I did ask for answers to the 58 questions in my first infomration request.

The answer the City gave me was "none exist."

Mike Sylvester

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