Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting Machine problems in Indiana

My best friend is a "judge" in Allen County at the polls. He has worked the polls for many years and enjoys working the polls. He recently joined the Libertarian Party and before he joined he wanted to verify that he could keep working the polls.

I ensured him that he could. The Allen County Republican Party asked me to work the polls and represent them even after I became the Chairman of The Libertarian Party of Allen County. I turned them down...

I asked my friend about setting up the machines. He assured me that:

1. The procedure is simple and provided to poll workers in writing.
2. Allen County offered training two weeks ago. After the training they offered "hands on"
training to anyone who wanted it.
3. My friend went and made sure his machine worked LAST NIGHT. He and the Democratic
"judge" came in this morning and verified that the machine was set to ZERO votes and got
started on time with no problems...

I will be interested to read more about the voting problems reported in other Indiana counties.

The Allen County Election Board has a very good reputation and I do not think there will be any problems in Allen County.

Mike Sylvester


Jeff Pruitt said...

Does anyone else find it pitiful that in his own city Todd Rokita can't get the voting machines to work?

Tim Zank said...

I don't think he personally designed the software or hand assembled the machines. Kinda hard to hang this on him isn't it?

Jeff Pruitt said...

Who is responsible for making sure the system works? I find it comical that the buck never stops at a Republican desk...

Tim Zank said...

Jeff, here's an analogy for ya',...

Your laptop just froze up. Who's responsible?

The software designer?
The HR guy that hired the software engineer?
The VP of sales....?
The Prez of the company?
The Quality control guy?
The quality control Supervisor?

Or as you would wish..The President of the company....???

The democrats answer? ALL OF THE ABOVE..it was a conspiracy by ALL of them...