Wednesday, November 15, 2006

25 of 49 Senate Republicans are some of the dumbest Republicans in the United States

This is depressing to me on MANY levels.

The Republican Senate has elected Trent Lott to be the #2 Republican in the Senate.

According to the exit polls in the election last week the number one issue on voters minds was CORRUPTION.

Another important issue was out of control Federal spending and earmarks.

So the Republicans elect Trent Lott...

This proves to me that The Republican Party is lost.

Here are some interesting facts about Trent Lott:

He is entering his 33rd year in The Senate

He is widely considered to be one of the most corrupt elected officials in Washington DC

He thinks that earmarks are important and he defends them as being necessary.

Read more about Trent Lott from Conservative Bloggers:


Hugh Hewitt, a blog at

Local blogger Tim Zank has an inspired post about this over at Just for the Record:

It is obvious that Senate Republicans have learned NOTHING from the last election.

It is ANOTHER sad day for The Republican Party

Mike Sylvester

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