Friday, November 24, 2006


As many of you know I took the FAR (Financial) portion of the CPA Exam on October 3rd. I just got my score online today and I got at 82. So I passed! You need to get a 75...

After I took the exam I thought I had a raw score of about 75...

So I have passed two portions and have two to go.

I took REG on October 30th and it did NOT go well. Interestingly enough that is the one that I felt best about out of the four before taking it...

I take the fourth section on November 30th... It is auditing...

Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

Good Job you heartless bastard!

James Fitch said...

Great Job Good Luck on the next texts

Anonymous said...

Good job.
I know that sooooo has to be hard. I couldn't do it. I admire you for what you do Mike!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mike! Excellent news.

bobett said...

Congradulations Mike!

2 down & 2 to'll be
just fine! I remember many friends
that said the auditing portion of
the exam was the hardest. A 75% and you'll get that letter in the mail.

The next thing you'll do is take your supportive wife out for a celebration dinner. Better yet, she'll take you out to celebrate... a job well done!

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