Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Karen Goldner, Fort Wayne City Council

I went to the "kick-off" party for Karen Goldner's campaign for Fort Wayne's 2nd City Council District this evening.

It was a well-attended event and I thought it was a good start for Karen's campaign.

Karen gave a short speech and said she had five priorities:
Jobs, Jobs, Neighborhoods, Downtown, and Jobs.

So she and I agree on four of the five; we obviously do not agree on "downtown."

I only knew a few people at the event:
Tina Taviano, Democratic candidate for sheriff in 2006
Glenn Hines, Democrat on Fort Wayne City Council
Tim Pape, Democrat on Fort Wayne City Council

Don Willis was at the event as expected. Don Willis is the founder and Chairman of FourthWave LLC. Karen Goldner works for FourthWave LLC. If Don Willis gets on board with Karen's campaign, as I expect, Karen will be able to run a well funded campaign!

This will be interesting to watch. I am looking forward to it.

As many of you know I attended several meeting of the Fort Wayne City Council group that helped re-district Fort Wayne due to the Aboite annexation. The new City Council Districts on the north side of town were changed based on my recommendations. The changes moved both Karen Goldner and myself into the 2nd City Council District.

This should be an interesting race to watch.

Mike Sylvester


Karen Goldner said...

Mike, thanks for coming last night. It was a lot of fun.

There is just one thing I want to challenge in your post: although I work for Don Willis and have enormous respect for him (and was really pleased he stopped by) I do not presume (nor should anyone else) that he is going to contribute to the campaign. Certainly our fundraising plan is not dependent upon him or any other person.

And congrats on your progress toward CPA-dom. Great work!


LP Mike Sylvester said...


I certainly do not presume anything about Don Willis since I do not know him at all.

That is why I wrote "If Don Willis gets on board with Karen's campaign, as I expect, Karen will be able to run a well funded campaign!"

I also think you will be able to do a good job of fundraising due to your own personal skills.


Jeff Pruitt said...


Where do you stand on the city's upcoming (possibly) smoking ban?

Karen Goldner said...


That's not why I'm running for Council. For me, the much more important issue facing Fort Wayne is building a better economic future for our community. If we focus on that, a lot of other problems tend to take care of themselves.

But since you asked: smoking in public is not simply a personal choice - it affects all the people around you. I believe that the City ban was a good step when it was taken, and I'm glad Allen County has caught up. In general, having the City and the County on the same standard for things is a good idea because it reduces confusion, but there are areas where common sense tells you that there should be different standards (zoning of livestock on farms is a an obvious example.)

Having said all that, I don't really have a strong feeling one way or the other on whether the City should extend the ban to (effectively) all restaurants. Personally, I prefer being places where I don't smell like a chimney when I leave, and I think that concern for employees' health is a legitimate public policy issue. On the other hand, if people choose to congregate somewhere that they can smoke, and if some of those places are the enclosed smoking sections of restaurants (per the City ordinance), I don't see that as entirely unacceptable, either.

I don't want to diminish the importance of this issue to public health and to a lot of individuals (one way or the other). But one of my frustrations with City Council is its ability to be frequently distracted from what I consider to be its much more important charge: creating an economic future that includes great jobs and great opportunities.

That may not have answered your question, Jeff, but that's how I feel about the issue.

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