Sunday, November 05, 2006

Election 2006 Predictions

The 2006 Election has been the most interesting that I have ever watched... The Republicans have been rocked by scandals and have done little in the last two years for their voting base.

The Democrats have ran on the theme "We are NOT Republicans."

My predictions are:
1. The Democrats will take The House. I think they will pick up 20 seats and have a very narrow majority.
2. I think the Republicans will maintain the senate; however, not by much. I think the Dems will pick up 4 of the 6 seats they need. I do NOT think we will know who controls the senate until Thursday or Friday of next week.
3. I am afraid that Mark Souder will win again. He deserves to lose; however, I think he will win. I think it will be 58% Souder to 42% Hayhurst.
4. I think the Democrats will pick up all three seats that are considered competitive in Indiana. I think Sodrel, Host., and Chocola will all lose.
5. I think the Republicans will win big in Allen County again. Pat Love and going to get creamed, Fries is going to win big, on down the line...

We will then have gridlock; which I view as a good thing.

I truly look forward to some of the votes that will come then.

I am sure the Dems will push through an increase in the minimum wage in The House. I think it will barely pass the Republican Senate due to all the RINO's in the senate and then we will get to see if Bush has the courage to use his veto pen. My guess is that he WILL NOT...

What are your predictions?

Mike Sylvester


Craig said...

My predictions are much like yours.

Dems take U.S. House.

GOP retains Senate, barely.

Cheney will shoot Keith Olbermann in the face with a paintball gun.

Bush will fire Rumsfeld after sexually explicit emails are revealed between the Defense Secretary and Helen Thomas.

Mark Souder declare all those that voted against him "sinners".

Mitch Daniels will lease Peyton Manning to the Winnepeg Blue Bombers.

Dick Lugar's conscience will be silenced by his shiney new IPod.

I'll get a B in French.

Craig said...

Oops, typo. That should read...

Mark Souder will declare all those that voted against him "sinners."

James Fitch said...

I agree with Mike but Souder will lose

Anonymous said...

The Souder-Hayhurst campaign is hard to predict. The optimistic part of me says that Souder will have to start packing his bags after Tuesday. Hayhurst’s supporters are dedicated and I think that his lagging in the polls will get his people out on Tuesday. Souder’s recent outburst in the paper and the blundered phone calls by the NRCC will work to Hayhurst’s advantage. Plus, the weather forecast for Tuesday shows temperatures near 60 degrees and a very low chance of precipitation.

But then again the realist in me says that Souder will win and we’ll be stuck with the same sleazy politician until he decides to retire.

Robert Enders said...

Hayhurst will win by less than a percentage point. I think that he will benefit from higher than average turnout in a midterm election. There will be some calls for recounts as well.

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