Friday, November 17, 2006

A great Fort Wayne service provided by the St Joe Fire Department

I grew up over by Georgetown Square. The St. Joseph Fire Department has always been an outstanding Fire Department that performs their job very well. The St. Joseph Fire Department is mostly volunteer and gets nowhere near the funding of The Fort Wayne Fire Department.

The St. Joseph Fire Department installs child safety seats in cars and they adjust car seats that are already installed in cars so that they properly fit children. They do this for free.

This is a great service and I commend the St. Joseph Fire Department for offering this service. They are the only local Fire Department to offer this service.

I have used this service a couple of times and I am impressed with it.

It often seems to me like I always discuss the negative on this blog. I would like to discuss more positive items!

Mike Sylvester

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Tim Zank said...

Mike, I grew up by Georgetown as well (though a lot longer ago than you I'm sure) and the St Joe Township Fire Dept was always top dawg with the best equipment and the most trained volunteers around.

They always paid attention too, they caught me halfway up the water tower in the middle of the night. What a night! That was back when a prank like that, or "streaking" georgtown square (which we did too) got a laugh and a little local legend status..
Now it'll get ya shot or on the sex offender registry...

those were the days!

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