Wednesday, November 08, 2006

President Bush surrenders to Democrats and Rumsfeld resigns as Secretary of Defense

I am stunned.

I cannot believe what Bush just did...

For those of you who think Bush will stick with his principles no matter what, think again. He just let Rumsfeld resign and I am not sure what else to expect in the future.

President Bush basically said that since the Democrats won the election he is going to do what they want in many cases. This is a BAD thing. This reinforces my thoughts that he will not use his veto...

President Bush looks like he is concerned about poll numbers... It reminds me of Clinton to a point...

President Bush said the following:
1. He thinks he can find middle ground on the minimum wage. I would guess that he will NOT
veto the coming increase in the Federal minimum wage, which is BAD.
2. He thinks he can get comprehensive immigration reform with The Dems. I am sure he can.
Expect amnesty to be granted and for an open border to continue.

This Press Conference enforces one thing to me. President Bush does NOT know why The Republican party lost. They lost because they have become a large government Party who supports:
Expanding entitlement Programs (Prescription Drugs for seniors)
Expanding Government Regulations on Business (Sarbanes Oxley)
Expanding the role of The Federal Government in Education

Expect President Bush to expand government and regulation even more in his last two years then he did in the first six years...

The era of big government will continue because President Bush is not a conservative on domestic issues...

Mike Sylvester


Jeff Pruitt said...

This is most certainly good news. Rumsfeld's leadership has been an utter disaster. It was time for him to go - it should've happened over a year ago.

I'm shocked that the president saw this election as a referendum on HIMSELF. I for one thought he was way too stubborn for that.

They Democratic takeover of the legislative branch is already starting to pay off. I don't believe for a second that this would've happened had the Republicans held the House and Senate...

Jeff Pruitt said...


I also wanted to add that recent statements are coming out showing that the party IS committed to fiscal responsibility.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

That is not very good news Jeff and I find it to be VERY disappointing and so should you.

Why would their goal be to balance the budget in five years?

Both major Parties keep saying they will balance the budget in five years... It means NOTHING...

Lets balance the budget NEXT year.

It would be VERY easy to balance the budget next year. Just kill HALF of The Federal Programs that that the GAO says have no discernable impact OR limit the increase in Government to 3% next year...

You know better Jeff... A promise five years in the future is no promise at all...

Mike Sylvester

Jeff Pruitt said...

Well I think they could do it sooner but let's not forget that they are stuck with record deficits due to the Republican party's "wage war, increase spending, cut taxes" strategy.

They will have to show significant progress over the next two years - let's see what happens...

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Jeff it can be done TODAY.

Just limit the icnrease in spending and kill programs the Government says DO NOTHING.

That is simple, right?

Mike Sylvester

Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...

To All,

This is being read WAY WRONG by most political observers.

Pres Bush has shown rare genius with this manauver. I shall clarify my interpretation.

In chess it is sometimes necessary to sacrafice a piece to win the game. That is what has happened here. The queen has been sacraficed but the position is much stronger than it would have been.

The democrats have been cut off at the knees by this!!! They now have nowhere to go and Pres Bush has the media spotlight on him. He is now in a better position than he would have been.

Consider this: We all knew that the democrats were building up a massive amount of steam over Rumsfeld and Iraq. Now where can they go??? NOWHERE! Pres Bush has taken a LOT of the wind out of their sails!

Dems: We hate Rumsfeld. He has screwed things up horribly. Rant, rave!!!
Pres Bush: Yes, I know. That is why I allowed him to resign. Don't you guys read the papers?
Dems: Oh, yeah....

Dems: We don't like the direction of the war in Iraq. It must change! Rant, rave!!!
Pres Bush: I agree. That is why I have excercised good leadership and nominated Bob Gates for the position. Don't you guys read the papers?
Dems: Oh, yeah...

Dems: Iraq is going horribly. Rumsfeld is pissing people off. We need a SoD that will LISTEN! Rant, rave!!!
Pres Bush: I quite agree. That is why in my position as President I used my great judgement and put a moderate consensus builder in charge. Don't you read the paper?
Dems: Oh, yeah... (Now democrats are on the defensive)

And it can put the Democrats on the defensive.

Pres Bush: I have nominated Bob Gates, a moderate consensus builder who has played well with others in the past. IF the Democrats hold up his nomination and do anything to interfere then THEY are hindering true progress and change in Iraq.
Dems: But, But, but... Oh, Hell!

Where now can the democrats go on Iraq? The lightning rod has served its purpose admirably and will now be retired to the high paying private sector.

Surrender? Hell no! Democrats have just been outflanked.

Ya gotta love politics!


Doug Horner

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