Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kevin Knuth, Allen County Democratic Chair, weighs in on my Post Election predictions

I want to thank Kevin for letting us know what he thinks of my 22 predictions!

Kevin sent them a few days ago, I just got around to posting them!

From Kevin Knuth:

1. I do not think that the Democrats will reinstitute the fairness doctrine- but I wish they would. I truly believe that the constant bombardment of right wing whackos has divided our country and prohibits us from having serious discussions about the issues.

2. The Dems will NOT impeach Bush. He is more valuable as a lame duck who is being investigated for several things.

3.Tossup- it depends on how you define Amnesty. I think they will make everyone go through some type of process, most likely make them pay for it themselves....that is not Amnesty.

4. We will be out of Iraq before the next Presidential election.

5. I think Bolton is safe.

6. Tax cuts for the wealthy will be gone- poor and middle class will still have them.

7. I think you will see estate taxes for estates worth $3 million or more.

8. Minimum wage will be increased.

9. Dems will not make progress on the National Debt- but I do suspect a balanced budget will happen next year.

10. I expect unfunded liabilities to decrease.

11. Social Security can be fixed- and you will hear Democrats talking about it a lot.

12. I think that Healthcare needs to be "fixed" but that again depends on your definition. I suspect you will see lower drug costs, as well as a chance to "pool" uninsured workers. I suspect it will have to be subsidized by the government, but will also require the end user to pay part of it.

13 through 20- These will happen- but I suspect that it will take more than 100 hours! I think she meant to say that they would introduce legislation or begin subcommittees to work on these matters within the first 100 hours.


Tim Zank said...

Kevin, I have to take issue with your #1. You guys have all the networks and all the print, and all we have is talk radio....

Hardly seems fair now does it?

Kevin Knuth said...


I would disagree. I think the media is "right leaning".

However, if you listen to the right wing extremists on talk radio, they of course say the media is "liberal" because they are not as far right as Rush and Hannity and others wish they were.

And if you REALLY think we have the networks....explain FOX News.

Tim Zank said...

I guess it is truly a matter of ones interpretation.

Perception is a fascinating thing. I know you'll hate this idea, but watch O'reilly any night, just the last 5 minutes when he reads the mail (I wouldn't ask you to sit through all of the show) and listen to the responses he gets to stories run the previous night.

Keep an open mind for a minute....he'll receive 2 completely opposite interpretations of the same story. Some say he's a left wing nut, others say he's a right wing nut...

That is precisely why that network is successful, it throws out a story and lets two morons scream at each other about it. People read into everything they hear what they WANT to hear..It's just basic empathy and reaffirmation of ones own views.... it's a brilliant premise....

As for the MSM being slanted to the right, if that were true, why would they ALWAYS find fault with the right and ALWAYS make the right look bad? If they were right leaning, common sense would dictate they would make the right look good not bad...

Kevin Knuth said...


If you think back a bit, when Clinton was in the White House, the preass was called a part of the "right wing conspiracy".

I do agree that perception is the key.

Since I am a left winger- I view the media as right leaning!