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The Republicans and Democrats have not got off to a very good start since the election.

On the Democratic side Nancy Pelosi tried to convince Democrats to vote for a John Murtha for the #2 position in The House. Nancy Pelosi promised to "Drain the swamp in Washington" and to "run the most ethical Congress in history." John Murtha:
Was involved in the ABSCAM scandal in the 1980's
Has been in office far too long
Is ranked as being one of the 25 most corrupt elected officials by a DEMOCRATIC watchdog
group (This group lists 21 Reps and 4 Dems)
Steered millions of dollars to companies that his brother is a lobbyist for
Is proud of his penchant for wasteful earmarks
Recently said that the "ethics reform bill" the Democrats are considering is "crap."

Luckily the crook was defeated soundly by the Democrats. Not a good start for Nancy Pelosi.

Not to be outdone The Republican Senate had its own leadership election. The crooked candidate in that election was Trent Lott. Trent Lott is VERY similar to John Murtha.
Has been in office for 33 years
He has been implicated in corruption and scandals
Is proud of his penchant for wasteful earmarks
Is against ethics reforms.

Unfortunately for The Republicans Trent Lott won by one vote. This is a strong indication that The Republicans still do not understand why they lost this election. Republican corruption was a large part of the reason why The Democrats won... This seems to have escaped The Republicans.

Then the Republicans had a leadership election in the House. The House has been Republican for 12 years. The Republicans had two reformers (Mike Pence and John Shadegg) running against the incumbents. Both reformers have great pasts, are against wasteful spending, and are strong, small government conservatives. Unfortunately for small government Republicans the reformers were crushed and the Republicans re-elected their old leaders.

I know that this has Republican Tim Zank VERY discouraged. It is OBVIOUS that The Republicans learned nothing from their defeat...

I think it is time for small government Republicans to become Libertarians...

Mike Sylvester


Raymond McInnis said...

Mike, I don't often post comments, but your take on Murtha is in need of revision. Let's take as givens his alleged corruption.

But, last November, whom -- alone -- was courageous enough to stand up to the bushies and declare that America has lost in Iraq -- where it shouldn't have been in the first place -- and that it is time to do soemthing, like redeploying to someplace nearby?

The rest is history, I think, as future historians will attribute Murtha's speaking out as pivotal to the 2006 election results.

And I think that it's just too early to declare conclusivley that Pelosi erred in publicly supporting Murtha.

Let's check again, in say 10 years from now.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


There is no doubt that Murtha has taken a courageous view and has been a great speaker for the anti-war movement. I certainly have to agree with you on that...

I just do not like ANY politicians who have been involved with corruption and I do not like Federal earmarks...

I agree with you that he speaks his mind!

Mike Sylvester

Tim Zank said...

Mr. Mcinnis, I agree with you on one point, you can take Mr. Murthas' alleged corruption as a given.

I would however have to take exception with your characterization of Murthas' actions last November as courageous. I think opportunistic is a more apt description. He was making noise for his own gain, period.

Everybody (the dems in particular) like to paint this guy as though he was freakin' Patton. He served his country in a most admirable way and deserves our respect and gratitude for that period.

He left the service and became just another politician like many others, clouded in graft & back door deals...end of story....

I'm guessing you are young, because your frame of reference on history seems a tad limited....

Murtha won't be a footnote in 10 years

Jeff Pruitt said...

One point of contention. I shared the concern of others that Murtha might be elected to the #2 spot but this quote was taken out of context. On top of that, where did this story come from? Steny Hoyer of course.

"Recently said that the "ethics reform bill" the Democrats are considering is "crap.""

Here's the transcript from Hardball where Murtha explains how the quote was taken out of context:

MATTHEWS: But that’s not what you said. Didn’t you say it was total crap, what she was proposing?

MURTHA: What I said was, it’s total crap, the idea we have to deal with an issue like this, when—and it is total crap that we have to deal with an issue like this when we’ve got a war going on and we got all these other issues -- $8 billion a month we’re spending—

MATTHEWS: So when this came up in the Blue Dog meeting the other night, you felt that that was a ridiculous—you thought that wasn’t the right issue to be talking about right now.

MURTHA: Exactly. I—what I’ve been trying—

LP Mike Sylvester said...


You certainly could be right...

My impression of Murtha is that he believes in the system as it is and does not want change...

That is a bad thing...


Tim Zank said...

Mike, Representatives Murtha and Rangel are two perfect examples of what you detest..a virtual lifetime in the same seat. Murtha 32 years...Rangel 36 know they can't bring home the pork until they've been in power 10 to 12 years (example souder). But the reason things are so out of whack IS the freakin' pork.

After some careful consideration, (and soul searching) it seems to me if we can't MAKE these sons of bitches honest, the only other alternative is term limits!
Damn, did I just say that?

Yes I did....

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