Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mark Souder lies again

Mark Souder has a bad habit of lying, especially when it is time for re-election. So much for his "Christian values." Mark Souder is currently mad at what he calls "Character assassinations" that are aimed at him. What a hypocrite. Mark Souder cannot seem to make up his mind on many things.

1. In his youth he was a C.O. He did not believe in violence. As he has gotten older he has changed his mind on violence, he now thinks it is OK to commit violence and he now votes to send our troops in harms way. This is a fact and not a "character assassination."

2. In 1994 Mark Souder promised us he would serve a maximum term of 12 years in Congress. Those 12 years are up, yet; he has again changed his mind. In fact, Mark Souder gets mad if anyone brings up his pledge. I thought "Christians" believe in keeping promises?

3. Mark Souder and the NRCC are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and spreading a lot of mistruths about amnesty for illegal aliens... Mark Souder does not have a strong voting record on amnesty and illegal immigration. Consider this:

Mark Souder was given an "F-" on illegal immigration by "Americans for better immigration."

According to this group Mark Souder has voted in favor of amnesty five times...

Most interesting to me is that in each of these votes, our very own Mark Souder voted WITH Nancy Pelosi on each of these votes...

Mark Souder is running ads claiming that Mark Souder is against illegal immigration; his voting record says otherwise...

4. Mark Souder keeps attacking anyone who is considering voting for Tom Hayhurst as voting for Nancy Pelosi. Interestingly enough Mark Souder has voted with Nancy Pelosi MANY times...
Consider the following:

All five Amnesty bills listed above, Mark Souder voted against conservatives and voted with Nancy Pelsoi...

Sarbanes-Oxley was passed in 2002. This act has cost our publicly traded companies 1 TRILLION dollars to comply with. Mark Souder and Nancy Pelosi both voted for this awful bill.

No Child Left Behind. This bill has nationalized part of our education system. The Federal Government is spending almost twice as much on Education as it did 6 years ago. Mark Souder and Nancy Pelosi both voted for this expansion of government...

Prescription Drug Benefit for Seniors. You guessed it. Mark Souder and Nancy Pelosi both voted for the largest expansion of entitlement programs since LBJ was President...

I am sick and tired of Mark Souder's negative campaign ads and I am sick of Mark trying to hide the fact the he is another Large Government Republican.

Mike Sylvester
Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Allen County


Andrew Kaduk said...

Bravo, Mr. Sylvester.

Stan Matuska said...

Excellent post! I learned a lot!
I can't wait for Sauder to lose!!!

James Fitch said...

I enjoy the mud swinging and the chicken hawk will lose.

John Good said...

Great job, Mike! People need to know these facts; I will be passing this on to the statewide feed!

Stan Matuska said...

I read your comments in the News Sentinel this evening. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Souder’s letter to the editor on Friday? This has me outraged! This guy is such a hypocrite! Here is his letter:

Nasty campaign disappoints Souder

I am extremely disappointed by the countless letters to the editor that have been printed over the past months in this newspaper making false and nasty attacks against my character. I’m a lifelong Hoosier who’s been involved in many political campaigns, but Tom Hayhurst’s campaign has been unusual in its nasty character attacks.

Campaigns should be about a vigorous debate of the issues. Issues such as amnesty for illegal aliens, whether Washington should be involved in more aspects of our lives, abortion, family values, and whether San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi or a Republican is better to lead Congress. On these issues, my Democratic opponent and I have firm disagreements.

For months, however, Hayhurst’s campaign has sent letters to this newspaper avoiding the issues and, instead, making personal integrity attacks against me. These letters are not fact-checked so they frequently include completely false information about me. Such tactics have no place in our area, and I’m deeply disappointed that my opponent chose to use smear tactics rather than debate the issues.

I will continue to work to serve you to the best of my ability, and I thank you for all your prayers and support.

U.S. Rep. Mark Souder

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Yes I saw it.

The very next letter in the NS that day is mine...

Mike Sylvester

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