Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Indiana Election Results, what they mean

The Indiana Election results have definitely sent shivers down the spines of the Republican Party and has invigorated the Democratic Party.

Indiana is a purple State. We are neither Dem or Rep. This should really scare Reps...

We have one Senator from each Party.

We have FIVE Democratic Congressmen and four Republicans.

The Reps hold all statewide offices by a small margin.

The Indiana Senate is Republican.

The Indiana House is Democratic.

Neither The Dems nor the Reps really control Indiana...

The next Indiana legislative session will be very interesting. Here is my prediction:

1. The number one priority should be making the approximately 300 million dollars of back payments that The State owes various groups. This will NOT happen. Neither Party is interested in paying our debts, they would rather waste our money.

2. All day Kindergarten is coming. We will spend all of the surplus and then some on this project. We will spend more and more on education and this will NOT fix our education system.

3. There is no doubt in my mind that the State will pass a bill that will allow local government to raise their own taxes. This will be a nightmare. It will allow local government to raise new taxes and believe me, they will...

4. Property taxes will be discussed; but, not fixed again...

Mike Sylvester


Andrew Kaduk said...

Neither The Dems nor the Reps really control Indiana...

Does this mean that the people actually control Indiana?

It's a rhetorical question...I'm not sure there's a real answer, just throwing it out there.

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