Monday, November 27, 2006

Scary Allen County statistic

Please read the article:

The article discusses the number of kids (or their parents) who opt-out of being on a list of potential recruits for the US military in high school.

This is a scary statistic.

Homestead High School has about 2/3 of the kids who opted-out. Carroll has 2% of the kids who opted-out...

How is this possible?

Most scary to me; only a total of 30 Homestead juniors and seniors did NOT opt-out...

Are they having peace rallies every day at Homestead?

I thought "Aboite" was full of Republicans?

What is the scoop AWB and John Good?

Mike Sylvester


John Good said...

Rich Republican parents make sure that their kids ARE NOT allowed to be on these lists. Right, Dan? Yet another example of the hypocrisy of the right: We're all hawks! (Unless, of course, OUR KIDS may have to die for the war). . .

MOST parents elsewhere aren't dialed in on this, or they'd be up in arms as well. It's the same scenario as with people who don't vote because they "think their vote doesn't matter", or people who LIVE for NASCAR or their fave TV show. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON. . .They have tuned out.

If they were actually paying attention, they would be protesting LOUDLY. . .Why wouldn't they if they were informed?

Tim Zank said...

Oh Good.."Rich Republican parents make sure that their kids ARE NOT allowed to be on these lists". And I suppose in your book all jewish people are greedy, all african-americans have rythym and hispanics are lazy? For a progressive guy you don't have much of an open mind do you? I thought you guys didn't stereotype?
This one's even better.."MOST parents elsewhere aren't dialed in on this, or they'd be up in arms as well". Let me translate that...hmmm
Here we go...Parents that aren't rich republicans are too stupid to know whats going on 'cause if they did they'd be pissed too.

Actually, the quotes just get better as you go on...

"If they were actually paying attention, they would be protesting LOUDLY. . .Why wouldn't they if they were informed?" Translation:
If they were as smart as me, they'd be protesting too. Obviously once people are informed, they will think as you do!

How did you get so smart?

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY what are you so scared of? The statistics are all over the place, something for everyone. CHOICE IS GOOD. Some do not want the recruiters calling- so what? What scares me is the idiots in Warshington considering military CONSCRIPTION- i.e. a new draft- INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE.

Congressman Ron Paul (R) Texas writes about it here-

My only concern about the J.G. article is that some students appear to have (perhaps) been underinformed of their ability to "shut the door" on military recruiters. Doesn't everyone in this state know how to get information about joining the military?

one radical libbe tarian

Robert Rouse said...

Actually Mike, peace ralies aren't allowed in the schools. I wish they were. I see nothing wrong with giving kids options. Why should the military recruiters be allowed in the schools if counter recruiters are not? Should the military have a monopoly on talking to the kids? When I enlisted in the Navy, I didn't do it because a military recruiter asked me to, I went in on my own. What I'm curious about is why you are so upset. These kids didn't want recruiters hounding them day and night (and they do hound you once they have your name), so they opted out. I say good for them.

Anonymous said...

This could prove the point Charles Rangle was trying to make in proposing the draft, (although I think he is an idiot.)
Homestead kids have options. For kids in some other areas the options are more limited. Not trying to stereotype rich republicans, and I don't think that was John's intent, but if the statistics are different in different places it is reasonable to look for a reason.

Andrew Kaduk said...


Why is a "peace rally" a counterpoint to what esentially amounts to a job interview?

I understand the broad theory behind your statement, and similarly, the sentiment behind that theory...but the military should have as much access to those kids as any other "career recruiter" or job fair exhibitor...

Or is it that the "peace movement" simply wishes the military to dissolve? And what "alternatives" exactly does the peace movement offer? Last I checked, the peace movement didn't actually have a paid staff...especially not one that gets regular paychecks and benefits and college reimbursement.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not shilling for the service here. It's just that what you suggest is rather confused (and confusing...

Robert Rouse said...


In some parts of the country, school administrators are allowing in what they call "counter-recruiters" or people who are there to tell kids what questions to ask recruiters to make sure they are not being shilled. Recruiters fail to mention to kids that just because they sign on the dotted line for a four-year enlistment, that although the kid cannot back out of the agreement, the government can add time on a whim. They fail to tell the kid that the job they promise the kid may be filled after basic training and they will have to take a different position. They fail to tell kids that by simply faiking to fold their clothes correctly could result in the kid spending an extra week in basic and miss the start of their training, thus making them go after a different position again. There are several questions that kids speaking to recruiters need to ask and these counter-recruiters are there only for guidence.

Once a recruiter gets your name, phone number and address, they will hound you over and over again to the point of harassment and they are within their rights to do so. How many other career recruiters will continue hounding a kid after they have said they're not interested? NONE! There is a difference, Andrew - A HUGE difference.

Tim Zank said...

Robert, you would be a wonderful "counter-recruiter", and lord knows those kids need you! Poor brainless bastards have been living under a rock, completely unaware there's a war going on, not to mention they are just plain stupid. Without proper guidance from guys like you, these kids run the risk of learning self sufficiency and reliance and may end up more responsible and productive. Hell, they could be leaders instead of whiners...

Can't have that now can we?

Angry White Boy said...

No John, my kids have a mind of thier own and a Father that is not a control freak.

My son is at Homestead and has not opted out. He's more than ready to serve and if necessary to die for his country. At 16 he's such a patriot I'm amazed and proud at the same time. He's probably one of the few kids in his class that can name his congressman, state rep and city councilman (and can rattle off a few Rush quotes as well).

As for peace rallies at schools, that's a dope smoking dream from the 70's and Robert knows it will never happen. Hell, if you can't have a Merry Christmas sign.. ah hell, never mind you won't get it anyway.

Peace - Love = Dope

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