Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Allen County and Fort Wayne Election Results

The results are in and there are few surprises locally.

The big race locally was Republican Mark Souder vs Democrat Tom Hayhurst. Mark Souder won with 54.37% of the vote. Mark Souder won his 7th term (After pledging to only serve 6) in a close re-election bid. This is very disappointing to me; but, teaches me something about our political system.

The next biggest local race was for sheriff. As expected Republican Ken Fries won. Ken Fries got 55.6% of the vote, Democrat Tina Taviano got 38.8% of the vote, and Independent PJ Smith got 5.6% of the vote. The polls on this race were VERY wrong.

We only had one Libertarian on the ballot locally. Robert Enders did A GREAT JOB I am very proud of him. We need more Libertarians to step up and run for local office. I cannot thank Robert Enders enough!

The Republicans won most races locally as they always seem to. They did lose several including:

1. The biggest surprise for me was Democrat Maye Johnson is now on the County Council. She won fairly easily.

2. The Dems won the assessors office and township board in Adams Township.

3. The Dems won the assessor's office, trustee position, and all three seats on the Wayne Township Board.

4. Phil GiaQuinta took the seat his father last held in the 80th House District.

Mike Sylvester

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