Thursday, November 09, 2006

Predictions update

Yesterday I posted 22 predictions I have for the next couple of years. MANY of these will not be able to be graded for at least a few months.

A couple are shaping up already.

#2 on my list was my feeling that The Dems will NOT try to impeach Bush, at least not seriously... Howard Dean has again said that Bush will not be impeached... I am looking good on this one...

#5 on my list was about John Bolton. I said that I was not sure what would happen; but, I thought he would stay. This is looking unlikely. This is too bad because Bolton has done a good job.

#22 on my list concerned disgraced Democrat William Jefferson. I predicted that Jefferson will be defeated in his run-off election in December. I do not expect the natioanal Democrats to ensure his defeat like they should. That being said "Daily Kos" has setup a campaign to defeat Jefferson and is helping his opponent raise money. This is a big deal and Kos is doing the right thing...

Mike Sylvester


Stan Matuska said...

I'm only 1 out of 3 based upon your comments. I submitted my thoughts to you just prior to reading this.
Too bad - I could have cheated...but of course Democrats don't cheat! =)

Causal said...

If you're interested in effecting whether they impeach or not...

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