Monday, November 13, 2006

Chinese submarine stalks US warships

The Drudge Report linked to an article in the Washington Times entitled "China sub stalked U.S. fleet."

The article is here:

This article demonstrates how little most journalists know about the military in general and the submarine fleet in particular.

The point of a submarine is to "sneak up" on enemy warships and sink them. It is not more complicated then that.

EVERY navy practices having their submarines "Sneak up" on their own warships, those of allies, and those of potential enemies.

I was stationed on the USS Pintado from the end of 1991 - early 1995. We spent a GREAT deal of time "sneaking up" on various ships...

We spent a lot of time "sneaking up" on other United States Navy ships. We practiced with the various countries that sent warships each year to Hawaii for large wargames, when on an exercise in South America we played wargames with British, French, Brazillian, Columbian, Peruvian, and Argentinean vessels. We of course played cat and mouse with Russian vessels.

That is how you practice and learn...


There are some parts of the article that bring up good points about how we are allowing the Chinese to spy on us and not reciprocating; however, the ignorance about how submarines operate is appalling...

Mike Sylvester

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