Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update on my mother

As many of you know my mother fell down her stairs June 30th 2006. She broke both her knee and ankle. She was 74 at the time...

She spent almost exactly two months in a nursing home rehabilitating after her surgery. She moved in with my family on August 30th.

In August of last year we decided to sell her two story house and she decided to move into an apartment. I put her on a waiting list and was told she would "most likely" be able to move in to an apartment in either 2 or 3 months. She was to move in either November 1st or December 1st of 2006.

Mom is still living with me. She is still on the waiting list. The soonest she could move in right now is March 1st; and that is far from certain... He rehabilitation has gone very well. She walks without a cane 99.5% of the time.

We decided to go and look a "villaminiums" over the last few days.

My mother has put a bid on one and it has been accepted. We close on January 24th!

This is the 3rd time my mother has lived with my wife and I. I say this to the readers of this blog because this is something many of you should think about. Our population is aging nd you may well have a relative live with you or you may live with a younger relative.

When my wife and I bought our house almost six years ago we bought one that would be large enough to run a small business out of and one that would be large enough to have a relative live with us. It has worked out well...

My mother lived with us:
For two months after her husband (my dad) died. (Eight years ago)
For two months when my brother was in big trouble with the law and I needed to keep my
mother safe from my brother's constant "requests" for more money. (5 years ago)
For about five months this time.

I hope that everyone who reads this blog will take a good hard look at your family. The population is aging and many of you may have to deal with situations like these in the future...

Mike Sylvester

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Karen Goldner said...

I hope that things go well with your mother's move.

You are right that we all need to think about this. One can see all kinds of examples of both good and bad responses to aging. I am very lucky, for instance, that my parents (who are just in their late 60's and in good health) have decided that now is the time to downsize from the 2-level house where they've lived for 37 years into a one-floor condo. They are in control of everything and it is not something being forced on them. It is great that they can do their own "pruning" of the tons of stuff that you get from a family of one is throwing things away that they do not want thrown away, they can decide what to keep, and the emotional upheaval is limited to what happens when you leave a long-term home. (In other words, no additional sadness from illness or worse.) I've seen other situations where such early steps were not taken and the result is much more traumatic for everyone.

As they say, getting old is not for wimps.

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