Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Democratic legislation so far

In November I made 22 predictions about what would happen after the election. Only three of them have been "addressed" so far...

One of the main promises The Democrats made was to have more "work ethic" and to impose a five day work week. They have violated this in the first few days. They took Monday off... What a let-down...

The three predictions that have been resolved to date are:

1. I predicted John Bolton (Prediction #5) would stay at the UN. Boy was I wrong. He resigned right away and he is gone. Robert Enders, Stan, and Kevin Knuth were all wrong as well. Tim Zank and Jeff Pruitt were right.

2. I predicted the House would increase the minimum wage (Prediction #8). I was right about this. The House passed it and now it goes to the Senate. The surprise can be found in this AP story:

All Democrats voted for this, and the shocker to some of you is that 82 Republicans voted with them. Only 116 Republicans voted against this bill. The Republicans are a large government Party; believe me when I say this.

Robert Enders, Stan, Tim Zank, Kevin Knuth, and Jeff Pruitt were all right on this one.

3. I predicted the Democrats WOULD implement ALL of the recommendations of the 9/11 commission. The campaigned on this OVER and OVER. They decided to implement some of the recommendations; however, they decided not to pass the recommendations that would force Congress to change the way they did business. This is a HUGE disappointment for all Democrats. I was wrong on this prediction as were Robert Enders, Stan, Tim Zank, Kevin Knuth, and Jeff Pruitt. We all thought the Democrats would implement this right away and we were all wrong.

The Democrats are not off to a good start...

It must be very disappointing for those Democrats who read this blog.


Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

It's disappointing from this standpoint:

Neither party has the backbone to break away from "the same old same old".

Jeff Pruitt said...

I'm pleased thus far w/ everything except passing ALL the 9/11 commission recommendations. I feel like they should've gotten this done. Unfortunately, there must not have been enough support and instead of an embarrassing defeat they chose to pass a partial list.

Make no mistake, the bill they did pass was a significant step forward and something the Republicans could've done for years.

I'm most worried that they will not have enough support in the House to override a Presidential veto on stem cell research...

Anonymous said...

Jeff, of course they didn't have the numbers to pass all the recommendations.Now that they have the power they don't want to make any more changes than Republicans did when they were in power. No matter what you think they are no better than what Republicans were.

Jeff Pruitt said...

Uh, except they DID implement changes the Republicans wouldn't.

As far as I'm concerned, the more 9/11 recommendations implemented the better.

"No matter what you think they are no better than what Republicans were."

Glad to know you're the final say - especially after passing judgement 3 days into their job...

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