Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New poll, Nelson Peters vs matt Kelty, Fort Wayne Mayor

Please take a minute to vote in a poll concerning who you would vote for in the Mayor's race if it were held today!

You may vote once per day.

Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

Mike, I'm kind of relieved I'm unable to vote in this one. As you know, I've known Nelson since we were kids and I know him to be a good man and a good friend, but Kelty definately has the more conservative "less government" stance. I think it's too early to call who'll win, but you guys (in ft wayne) need to do something because your local government is like a runaway train these days!

Robert Enders said...

I do not vote in primaries. I will not declare myself to be a "Republican" or a "Democrat" in order to receive a ballot. I am one politician who does not lie.

William Larsen said...

The primaries are to determine a "party's" candidate from among several. When you vote in a primary, all that is needed is to have some idea which group of candidates you intend to support. If five of six our democrats, you can vote in the Democrat primary. If it were the other way around, then you can vote in the Republican primary.

As an independent or Liberian, if there are only a hand full of candidates that are running on the liberation ticket, you do yourself and your country a disservice by not voting at all.

With that said, I wish they would outlay political parties. It is similar to two gangs.

Anonymous said...

I received one of these survey calls and it was a sad commentary on the state of education when I had to spell the word "Fascist" three times when the pollster mentioned Nelson Peters.

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