Friday, January 12, 2007


Today was a very bad day.

My mother has two cats. She is quite attached to them. She got the cats after my dad died.

One of the cats was killed by a car this morning.

It is a very sad day.

My mother is taking it badly.

I did not take it so well myself. I am upset because of how badly this makes my mother feel. Don't get me wrong Iliekd Buddy and I will miss him as well; however, my sorrow is for my mother not her cat.

My mother loves her cats and they have been a lot of company for her; however, Buddy getting killed by a car just about "ripped her heart out" today.

My kids have taken it pretty well; they really do not understand and they are putting on a brave face for Grandma.

I have never had a pet and I am pretty sure I will never have a pet.


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