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Eric Dondero posted a comment that is deserving of your attention

A couple of days ago I posted an entry entitled "Fort Wayne Smoking Ban, another step backwards ."

In this post I correctly point out that both Republicans and Democrats tend to stand for larger government and more regulation. This is an indisutable fact... You can scroll down and read that post if you are interested...

The 8th comment is from Eric Dondero. Eric Dondero is from Texas and he thinks that Democrats are evil and Republicans are good...

I do NOT feel that is the case.

This "smoking ban" is the brain child of local Republicans...

I have put Eric's comment in italics for your reading pleasure... My comments are in red.

Goddamit Mike. Stop with this Democrats and Republicans are the same Bullshit! Enough already. If you and other Libertarians continue to promulgate that horrible myth we will severely lose our liberties. Really? So under Republicans we will not have the Terry Schiavo debacle when the Federal government wanted to interfere with the States? Under Republicans we will not have a "do not fly list" with dead people, active duty members of the military, US Senators, etc? Under Republicans we will not EXPAND Federal involvement in education? You have got to be kidding me...

Republicans ARE MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN EVEN THE BEST DEMOCRATS, with only a tiny handful of exceptions. (Maybe Bill Richardson, and Joe Lieberman?) Really? Which political Party pushed through the expanded prescirption drug benefit for seniors? Which Party expanded the ue of earmarks? I could go on and on.

In Anchorage, it was the Democrats who viciously attacked us Libertairan petitioners back in Oct/Nov. to block us from getting signatures to repeal the smoking ban. If this is true then I would oppose those Democrats. Note in Indiana it was the Indiana REPUBLICAN Party who did not allow several Libertarian candidates to run in the 2006 electiondue to a small loophole in Indiana Code created by REPUBLICANS.

It was City Councilwoman Anna Fairclough (now a state legislator) and another Republican who BRAVELY stood up against the Democrat onslaught to pass the smoking bans in bars and bingo halls. Good. Then you should support them.

And then there's Montana, Missouri, Nevada, and Oregon last year where the mother-'f'ing Democrats blocked us libertarian petititioners from gathering signatures for property rights at college campuses, grocery stores and post offices.I literally had one Democrat SOB with the AARP follow me for 2 days in Butte yelling and screaming at anyone who was willing to sign my petition. My friend Jake Wittmer of the Libertarian Party had 12 (!!!!!!!!) 12 friggin' Democrat Goons blocking him on Primary Day in front of the Butte Civic Center from gathering signatures. That is unfortunate, and if true, it is VERY wrong and I would oppose those Democrats.

DEMOCRATS ARE THE ENEMY OF ALL LIBERTARIANS!!!! No, they are not. You need to look past Parties. There are SOME ideas that I agree with Republicans on and some I agree with Democrats on and some I agree with neither on. You need to grow up and realize that nothing is as absolute as you perceive it!

They MUST BE DEFEATED BY LIBERTARIANS. Stop with this complete and utter bullshit line that Republicans are just as bad. The truth can be painful Eric. Republicans ARE just as bad.

Keep mouthing that BS Sylvester, and you will lose a great many of your libertarian friends and allies in your efforts!!! Really? I have never met you Eric. IN the past I have encountered you on email lists and other online forums. Sometimes your arguments are reasoned and make good sense; sometimes they are like this rant...

Which Libertarian friends and allies will I lose if I get mad at my local elected officials for passing a smoking ban.

The ban was started by our County Commissioners, all three of which are Republicans.

It was voted into effect by FOUR big Government Republicans and THREE big Government Democrats...

Eric Dondero,
Former Senior Aide US Congressman Ron Paul
Former Libertarian National CommitteemanFounder, Republican Liberty Caucus

Mike Sylvester

What do you all think of Eric Dondero and his comment? I think maybe he has been listening to Sean Hannity too long...


Tim Zank said...

I'd like to think everyone has (makes)good points and bad. Looks as though Eric might be a tad on the "radical" side of the libertarian party as his rant points out. His bad experiences with some democrats are unfortunate, but there are just as many morons on the republican side.

Looking at his "resume" is kind of alarming too, is he respected in libertarian circles?

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...

I'm in agreement that BOTH parties have some bad apples in the bunch.

I tend to look at the person...the issues, and the bottom line (for the people, not the politician)...

That seems the best recourse when making any good decision.


bobett said...

Why are most men Republicians?

Any Questions?

My husband emailed this to me and
I thought it was pretty funny.

Of course, I agree with B.G.'s
comment that it is the individual
and their stance on issues that I vote for...

Mike Kole said...

Mr. Dondero is a partisan Republican. That pretty well sums up the tirade.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mike Kole on this one, for sure.

Anonymous said...

No, Mr. Dondero is a partisan LIBERTARIAN REPUBLICAN.

I've been a member of the Libertarian Party for going on 25 years now, (with a few years lapses during the awful Harry Browne days.)

I first voted Libertarian out at sea absentee on a Navy Vessel in 1982 in the Persian Gulf.

I've worked on over 20 Libertarian Party petition drives nationwide in over 10 states.

I ran for state legislature as a Libertarian.

I served on the Libertarian National Committee for 2 years in the mid-1980s.

I served as Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Florida for 3 years.

Most recently, I worked as a Consultant up in Anchorage, Alaska for the Libertarian Party of AK for 2 months, Nov./Dec. 2006.

I've got a Libertarian activist resume that would make your head spin.

Some call me the Nation's Number One Libertarian Political Activist.

Libertarian Party National Vice-Chairman Chuck Moulton said back in September in front of 40 libertarians at a conference in Orlando:

"I'll take One Eric Dondero, over 100 on-line so-called Libertarian activists any day of the week."

I like to think I'm in the Top Three Libertarian Activists in the Nation, along with Jake Witmer and Scott Kohlhaas, not at Number One all by myself.

But I'm happy for the compliments.

If you'd like to see some of the press I've received for my Libertarian activism last year -- USA Today, LA Weekly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Boise Weekly, ect... -- go to, the last page Contact/Links.

The 8 page write up on me in the Bozeman, MT News Weekly was particularly informative. I'd recommend that one. With photos too.

Mike Kole said...

Eric, I understand when someone decides to take his 'L' credentials and swing them under the 'R' banner, especially if the belief is the better opportunity to win. In the case of Ron Paul, same man whether running as an 'L' or an 'R'. For that matter, I understand when they swing under the 'D' banner for the same reasons.

However, I cannot get over the inability of some to not see a great distinction between the average 'L' and the average 'R', because the average 'R' is a big government statist just the same as the average 'D' is a big government statist. It's just that the R serves different interest groups than the D, and ain't none of them named 'Liberty'.

So, don't be too surprised when those of us who aren't blinded by our partisan tags react to the assailing of one major party as anti-liberty, when the other major party is, too. If you can't acknowledge even the short list of anti-liberty items Mike posted in the main post, you've got the blinders on in a credibility shattering kind of way.

Anonymous said...

Spot-on again, Mr. Kole.


If you are in charge of training Libertarians to think and act like partisan Republicans, then it becomes increasingly clear why the LP has difficulty getting votes at State and National levels.

If partisan Republican hackery is what people want, why would they vote for a Libertarian to get it?

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