Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union Address, 2007

I watched the SOTU address. I always watch it. I enjoy watching the crowd.

This was a TOUGH crowd for the President.

Things President Bush said that were good:
1. We should balance the budget in five years. (I disagree, we should balance the budget today)
2. We need to fix our entitlement programs. (He is right)

Things president Bush said that scared me:
1. He wants to extend No Child Left Behind (Worst bill in recent history except Medicare expansion)
2. Mandatory fuel standards.
3. "Serious problem of global climate change."
4. He inferred we will ALWAYS be at war. (VERY SCARY)
5. He repeated that we would embed our soldiers into Iraqi units.
6. He wants to make a Civilian Reserve Corps... Good grief.
7. He wants to spend 1.2 BILLION dollars (That we do not have) to fight malaria in Africa.

I am currently quite depressed...

Mike Sylvester

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William Larsen said...

Bush is ignorant when it comes to energy. Ethanol is not the way to curb global warming or dependence on oil. If you want to curb oil now, just ban all oil burners in the US from being replaced with another oil burner. Instead required an electric heater and you use Wind Power to provide the electricity.

As for health accounts, his plan will only make it worse. What we need is everyone being able to compete on a level playing ground. Providers charge different rates to different groups. If I pay cash at Redi Med I get a 20% discount. Medicare gets 40% off and health insurance can negotiate lower prices. The provider should charge everyone the same price (Medicare, insurance and non-insurance). If he wants to give a discount to those who pay cash or file their own insurance so be it. If they want to charge a fee for credit or filing so be it, but we should all be charge the same rate for the same service from the same provider.

He touched on Social Security. He still is missing the big picture. At least those in Kosiosco County are waking up. It is amazing how the word is spreading there. Everyone I speak to is ready to hang social security up. A husband and wife told me today they would more than gladly give up their SS if their two children never had to pay it. I told them my plan and they jumped at it. Two more supporters in 2008 and I am sure they will tell many more.

I was not impressed by the president's speech. The deficit reported was the unified budget. You need to increase this by about $200 Billion to get the general budget deficit.

At the same time keep in mind that Social Security Old Age Benefit program is promising $2 billion a day in additional benefits it cannot pay for.

The general budget deficit may have shrunk, but the unfunded liability of SS-OASI increased by nearly $1 Trillion in 2006. The trust fund as about $1.8 Trillion, but needs over $17 Trillion. I guess if you point to a different area people will look there instead of what is right in front of them.

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