Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fort Wayne Election Rumors

The "announcement" season has been rather slow in Fort Wayne this year.

There is still not a Democratic candidate for Mayor; however, I am sure that at least one Democrat will run for Mayor.

There are still "uncontested" City Council races as well...

The rumor mill has been busy and rather funny. I will leave some of the "funny" rumors out...

I think it is too bad that more people do not run for public office. I think we would be far better off if "regular" citizens would run for office and we could get rid of our "career" politicians...

One rumor I have recently heard (from two sources who wish to remain anonymous) is that Mitch Harper (Current editor of Fort Wayne Observed and past Republican State Representative) is going to run for City Council. I am not sure if there is ANY truth to this rumor; however, he would most likely run a strong campaign.

I have no idea who will run for Mayor on the Democratic ticket. I would think that there SHOULD be an active primary with multiple candidates; however, that is not currently the case. If I had to guess, I would guess that John Shoaff might run for Mayor.

The Smoking Ban debate has been a contentious and divisive issue in Fort Wayne politics and SHOULD have drawn more candidates into the "fray."

I would love to see a couple of candidates in favor of property rights and the rights of small business owners run for office on a small business/property rights platform and oppose some of the big government Republicans and Democrats we currently have in office...

Matt Kelty is currently the only person who fits that ticket... He is running as a "small government" Republican!

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

Mitch Harper got scooped!

Looks like Indiana's newscenter is running a story that he is in the race for 4th district.

Indiana Pundit said...

I can confirm it. I got it from Mitch himself.

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