Wednesday, January 10, 2007

President's speech outlining a "New Strategy" in Iraq

President Bush gave an interesting speech and I have to admit he handled the situation better then I expected.

Here are some of my thoughts:

Good things:

The President accepted responsibility for mistakes. I like this.

The President said that the "Rules of engagement" were hurting our troops. No kidding. Please tell me how you are going to change this? Will you allow them to level entire buildings?

The Iraqi government will appoint Military Commanders to take charge of the area around the capital. Who will they be accountable to?

He says that the Iraqi government must stop protecting people for Sectarian reasons or politicals reasons. I agree with this; however he did NOT tell us how this would be done. Will we start by arresting Al-Sadr? This is just a talking point.

President Bush said that Iraq would have to take charge of security in all of their country by November of 2007. Ok, or what? Does that mean our troops will be under Iraqi control?

We will "embed" one American Brigade with each Iraqi division. I like this idea because it does not hang our troops out to dry; our troops should never have to be embedded into Iraqi units, period.

We will put another 4000 troops in the Anbar Province. I think this is needed...

President Bush does not want to talk with Iran and Syria he says he wants to disrupt and interupt the support coming from Iran and Syria. I in 100% in favor of this. Do not fight a war half way...

Bad things:

Must succeed in Iraq. Why?

President Bush thinks we do not have enough troops to hold neighborhoods. This is one of the silliest things I have heard; we do not have enough troops to secure every neighborhood. Get over it.

President Bush wants to send 21,000 more troops to Iraq.

President Bush wants to "embed" our troops into Iraqi units. I am 100% opposed to this; I think it will get more of our soldiers killed. I do not trust the Iraqi forces.

Iraqi government will allow more "Bathists" to be involved in the Government. Good grief.

President Bush is sending ANOTHER carrier strike group to the Gulf. This is completely unnecessary and serves no purpose unless he plans on attacking Iran or Syria.

President Bush said he wanted this new strategy to bring us "closer to success." What? I expect a strategy to bring us success. It almost sounds like Bush has given up winning.

President Bush wants to form a bi-partisan working group to help fight the war on terror. Give me a break. Who thinks a bunch of politicans can accomplish anything?

President Bush wants to increase the size of the army and the marines. Our military is plenty big; just eliminate the unneeded forces and then increase the types of forces we need. It is not complicated.

President Bush wants to "mobilize talented citizens to go overseas and help new Democracies." I am not sure what it means. I think it refers to The National Gaurd and sending civilian "contractors" overseas on the government dime... This is not what we need. The National Gaurd should be kept at home...

Interesting things:

80% of Sectarian violence occurs within 30 miles of the Iraqi capital.

Iraq will have to share oil revenues with the three factions.

Iraq must spend 10 billion on infrastructure.

Iraq must hold Provincial elections.

President Bush wants to give patriot missiles to our allies in the Gulf. I would prefer to sell them Patriots, these countries have oil...

He wants to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

Mike Sylvester

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Jeff Pruitt said...

Of course the President has said time and time again that he's "listening to the generals" about troop levels. Of course now every major general disagrees w/ the 20,000 troop escalation - he conveniently left that part out.

The President does not believe this will work - hell nobody does except the few architects of this new strategy at the American Enterprise Institute. Of course that's the same NeoCon "thinktank" that laid the groundwork for the original invasion and said everything would go hunky-dory and that Sunnis and Shia have NO PROBLEMS with each other. The President is merely passing the buck to the next president.

I sincerely hope the 10 GOP senators who have been highly skeptical of this escalation plan continue to show their opposition by supporting the Democrats' strategy of denying funding (or any other method) for this escalation...

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