Friday, January 12, 2007

Results of "Harrison Square" poll

I have been running a poll asking my readers if they are in favor or against the newly proposed "Harrison Square" project.

As always these results are not scientific and should be taken with a "grain of salt."

There were 97 votes cast:
28% in favor
67% against
5% maybe

I truly do feel that a majority of Fort Wayne residents are against this project. Numerous polls have shown a majority of citizens oppose it and I have talked to a lot of poeple who oppose it...

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, I didn't vote! Or did I? Regardless, my family of five and I are in favor! And in February, we'll have another in favor. Granted, he/she won't be able to read your blog yet, but still... as for me and my family...

fwbaseball said...

I wonder how many of these people are against 1.) Harrison Square? 2.) A Baseball Stadium? 3.) Change?