Thursday, January 18, 2007

Child abuse in Fort Wayne

This is a story that will make you sick, angry, and sad all at the same time:


This story discusses alleged child abuse right her in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The case involves two Fort Wayne children. The girl is six and the boy is three.

I have two children myself. My son is three and my daughter is five and a half. My kids are almost the exact same age as the kids in the story...

I feel very sorry for these two kids and I hope that our broken "Justice system" ensures that these children are brought up in a different home...

I am very angry at the two adults. Child abuse of this magnitude is a violent and serious crime. I am even more appalled that the mother in question is pregnant with her third child!

If guilty both adults should spend a LONG TIME in prison.

Mike Sylvester

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Anonymous said...

Stories like this turn my stomach, but make me treasure my children all the more. I have also blogged about this, a new song is out entitled "Alyssa Lies" - I have put the lyrics on my blog along with a link to the lyrics of "Concrete Angel."

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