Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Senator Web's response to the SOTU

Senator Webb gave an interesting response.

It is extremely disturbing that he thinks we need to throw even more money at New Orleans. This is WRONG.

He did a pretty good job as far as foreign policy and he has a lot of credibility on this issue.

His comments about economic imblance were interesting; however, he porposed no solutions...

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

I liked much of senator webs comments.

Except, the New Orleans bit was absurd.

I liked his comments on economic imbalance - history shows that a huge imbalance between the middle class and the upper most class will result in major problems. Economies work best when spending occurs at all levels especially in the largest population base which is the middle class. Todays corporate executives are thieves in my opinion - if they were at all passionate about their companies they would first cut their compensation in half before asking their employees to do so.

I like his points about trying to protect American jobs which are being sent overseas. Its not just blue collar jobs anymore - again, corporate America is not for America. Exxon's CEO claimed that if the government lifted tax abatements for oil companies, it would force them to move more jobs overseas. This is while he was making over $200K / day. They care nothing of America - only themselves.

Globalization has happenned and we must embrace it, but when countries such as China and others impose taxes on imported goods which feed the trade deficit we are experiencing we have to ask whether its better to have $69 televisions at Walmart or 50,000 jobs lost and people that cannot buy the $69 television.

Hillary Clinton sucks [period]

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Anonymous said:

Very well said...

Mike Sylvester