Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fort Wayne Smoking Ban, another step backwards

The Fort Wayne smoking ban will be voted into law next Tuesday. The initial vote, held last night was 7 in favor of, 1 against, and 1 abstention.

Tom Didier, Republican, was the sole vote against the measure.

Glenn Hines, Democrat, was the sole abstention.

This is another GREAT example of how both the Democratic and Republican Parties favor larger government and more regulation. Both parties seem to think that government regulation is needed in almost every aspect of our lives.

This smoking ban is a "property rights" issue for me.

I think that each business owner pays the taxes on his or her business, complies with thousands of pages of regulations created by politicians, and that this gives them the right to make some decisions on their own.

As far as I am concerned the only law we should have in place regarding smoking in private businesses is that each business owner should be required to post his or her smoking policy prominently on the front door. This would allow each patron to make their own decision regarding whether they wish to patronize said establishment...

I would like to point out that FOUR big government Republicans voted in favor of this restrictive smoking ban in Fort Wayne.

I would like to point out that THREE big government Democrats voted in favor of this restrictive smoking ban in Fort Wayne.

The next time ANY City Councilman except Tom Didier tells you that they are a "defender of small business" PLEASE laugh in their face.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

I assume you jest by suggesting you'd support government mandated signage? ;-)

But to the point, I must admit, this issue certainly tests my devotion to the (libertarian) cause. You see, in my gut I can't stand the interference. But in practice, I can't tell you how much more pleasant it is in NYC for everybody since the ban a few years ago. Including smokers! I hardly ever went into otherwise great pubs because of the smoke. But now, I often meet friends for a drink or two, and it's very - very enjoyable. I'll admit, I'm completely unreconciled! In a fairly schizophrenic way, I'd vote against it, but I'm really happy with the outcome.

So tell me, is that even allowed? ;-)

Tim Zank said...

Scott, yes it's allowed, you're just not supposed to TELL anyone you're happy with the outcome!

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I do NOT jest about government mandated signage. I think the government SHOULD mandate that each business owner post their smoking policy prominently on their front door.

Of course your opinion is allowed...

It most likely describes my feelings fairly well...

Anonymous said...

@Tim: that's what I thought... present a united front, and all... ;-)

@Mike: Mike, Mike, Mike!!! What's the philosophical difference between one regulation and the other? Aren't you always complaining about too many onerous regulations placed on small businesses. Why would this one be acceptable to libertarian principles when others would not be? Just because it makes life "easier" for customers? If that's the case, then many regulations should also be acceptable. But then you're not looking so libertarian anymore... Hmmm...

Tim Zank said...

Scott, I think Mike has tempered his hard-line Libertarian stance on some things to leave room for some common sense and common ground, no?

Anonymous said...

Well, what if there were no laws regarding smoking? The owner of an establishment might opt NOT to post a sign- would the patrons figure out the rules in that business by themselves? Would the owner benefit by voluntarily posting a sign? Would treating a business owner as a responsible adult be too scary for our public servants?

Just wondering.

One radical libbe-tarian

Robert Enders said...

Speaking of signs and liberty, wasn't Didier the one who proposed that signs directing tourists to the Zoo be arranged to DETOUR them around the strip clubs.

There really isn't anything objectionable about the exterior of a strip club, is there?

I've been meaning to point out since then that for a while, part of Van Buren Street was closed off, so anyone coming to the Zoo from the south had to drive past an adult novelty store.

Eric Dondero said...

Goddamit Mike. Stop with this Democrats and Republicans are the same Bullshit! Enough already. If you and other Libertarians continue to promulgate that horrible myth we will severely lose our liberties.

Republicans ARE MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN EVEN THE BEST DEMOCRATS, with only a tiny handful of exceptions. (Maybe Bill Richardson, and Joe Lieberman?)

In Anchorage, it was the Democrats who viciously attacked us Libertairan petitioners back in Oct/Nov. to block us from getting signatures to repeal the smoking ban.

It was City Councilwoman Anna Fairclough (now a state legislator) and another Republican who BRAVELY stood up against the Democrat onslaught to pass the smoking bans in bars and bingo halls.

And then there's Montana, Missouri, Nevada, and Oregon last year where the mother-'f'ing Democrats blocked us libertarian petititioners from gathering signatures for property rights at college campuses, grocery stores and post offices.

I literally had one Democrat SOB with the AARP follow me for 2 days in Butte yelling and screaming at anyone who was willing to sign my petition. My friend Jake Wittmer of the Libertarian Party had 12 (!!!!!!!!) 12 friggin' Democrat Goons blocking him on Primary Day in front of the Butte Civic Center from gathering signatures.


They MUST BE DEFEATED BY LIBERTARIANS. Stop with this complete and utter bullshit line that Republicans are just as bad.

Keep mouthing that BS Sylvester, and you will lose a great many of your libertarian friends and allies in your efforts!!!

Eric Dondero, CEO

Former Senior Aide
US Congressman Ron Paul

Former Libertarian National Committeeman

Founder, Republican Liberty Caucus

Eric Dondero said...

Very clever trick at Mathematics there Mike.

The only single No vote was from a Republican, and you spin that to make it seem that Republicans are just as bad as Democrats.

There are a great many RINOs in our Party, granted.


You should have praised that Republican. Instead you mention it just in passing.

Sheesh! I sometimes wonder why I am in the same movement as you Pseudo-Libertarians.

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