Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Indiana Republicans once again prove they are for bigger Government

Check out this story from the Indy Star:

House passes minimum wage increase

By J.K. Wall

Twenty Republicans joined Democrats in approving a hike to the state's minimum wage today in the Indiana House of Representatives.

House Bill 1027, which passed 71 to 29, would require employers to pay at least $7.50 an hour by September 2008. The current minimum wage is $5.15 an hour.The bill would also double the deduction allowed on the state inheritance tax for direct ancestors and descendants.In the Indiana Senate, the bill will be sponsored by two Republicans, Sen. Richard Bray, R-Martinsville, and Sen. Vaneta Becker, R-Evansville, as well as two Democrats, Sen. Tim Lanane, D-Anderson, and Sen. Earline Rogers, D-Gary.Both Gov. Mitch Daniels and Senate President Pro Tem David Long have said they support an increase.The state bill would supercede a federal effort, which is currently being debated by the Senate in Washington. That bill would raise the minimum wage to $7.25 by January 2009.

Does ANYONE who reads this blog still think that The Republican Party stands for smaller Government and fewer regulations? This bill, which is supported by Mitch Daniels and President Pro Tem of the Senate David Long (Republicans both) will raise the minimum wage HIGHER then The Democrats are about to raise it at the Federal level.

Good grief.

What do you think Tim Zank, Andrew Kaduk, and AWB?

Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

Mike, you KNOW how I feel. I'm self employed too, and I don't like the freakin' government (local OR federal) tellin' me how much I have to pay anybody that works for me. To put it mildly, it's bullshit. My 15 year old son doesn't need a raise, and my buddy that owns the restaraunt he works at doesn't need the overhead either..good grief is right!

Andrew Kaduk said...

You KNOW you don't have to ask for my opinion...I'll just give it to you.

My opinion is simply that I'd rather the State boys were doing it instead of the Feds. Economically speaking, if you MUST have a minimum wage (a highly suspect statement), then it the minimum wage should follow inflation to a "T"

But I don't think a minimum wage helps anybody who earns in that particular bracket anyway. I believe that it truly holds them down.

Angry White Boy said...

The economy, unemployment, competition and other factors drive the prevailing wage, period. Damn I could go on and on over this issue. Maybe I'll blog it.

Get outta my business - 'nuff said.

Oh, and that goes for you Doc Crawford and Dennis Kruse AND Tom Wyss!

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