Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Allen County GOP and Doug Foy

Doug Foy's problems have continued.

According to the Journal Gazette Doug Foy's problems have grown:

Apparently he used about $10,000 for personal expenses rather then for the GOP.

This is truly sad.

This is more common then most people believe. It is common in political parties, not-for-profits, families, and for-profit businesses. Theft is wrong.

The Libertarian Party of Allen County does not have a lot of money; however, we do have a system in place to protect the money that we do have. Doug Foy would NOT have been able to "divert" our money into his own pocket with the controls that we have in place.

The local GOP is better off without Doug Foy and I have a feeling they will do a much more thorough background check and put much better monetary controls in place after this embarrassing episode.

Mike Sylvester

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Tenthousand dollars worth of *personal recreation* all of which is to be repaid to the republican party of allen county. What could the Libertarian Party of Allen County (LPAC) do with Doug Foy's *pocket change*? For real conservatives in the area, might I suggest that they make those contributions to the LPAC, where the contributions would be safe from fraud, used to promote smaller government policies, and support the cause of Individual Rights against the "BiPartisan Policies" of treating the citizenry as a bunch of children?

One Radical Libertarian