Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kevin Leininger

Kevin wrote a great article entitled "Post-smoking ban, what can we expect for encore?"

You can read the full article here:

The article includes some quotes he got from an email I sent him yesterday. It is a great article and I suggest you read it.

The only think about the article that is not correct is that I am no longer the Chair of the LPAC! I stepped down and Jennifer Griggs is our new Chair. Jennifer will do a great job!

This smoking ban is a property rights issue and should SCARE every small business owner in Fort Wayne. I know it scares me and my small business. I know it scares that vast majority of my clients who are small businesses as well. What will our elected officials think of next?

Mike Sylvester

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Anonymous said...

When they passed the smoking ban, I didn't speak up because I wasn't a smoker.
When they banned trans fats, I remained silent because I was a vegetarian.
When they banned donut shops, I kept quiet because I wasn't a cop.
When they branded the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality “hateful, ignorant and unacceptable", I remained silent because I wasn't a Catholic.
When they banned the use of cell phones in cars, I didn't speak up because I take the bus.
And when they came for my house because it served "the public good", there was no one left with any courage to speak up.