Thursday, January 11, 2007

Miracles DO happen

Kevin Knuth and Steve Shine both expressed their opinions today that adding another 20,000 troops in Iraq will NOT improve the situation in Iraq.

I do not feel that adding 20,000 troops will help either...

I am glad that Steve Shine has decided to "buck" many in The Republican Party and express views contrary to those of many Republicans...

Well done Steve!

Mike Sylvester


Andrew Kaduk said...

Well now, that just settles it! I was on the fence, but thanks to those two impertinent buffoons, I now have to somehow develop and rationalize a contrary position on the topic. I couldn't possibly agree with those two on the record, could I?

This could be tough.

Angry White Boy said...


me thinks you sat on the ocean floor too long ;)

LP Mike Sylvester said...


So I glow in the dark, what is wrong with that?

If you work in a nuclear power plant these things happen...

Mike Sylvester

John Good said...

Tomorrow will bring reports of cats and dogs living together!

Eric Dondero said...

We must do something to stop the onslaught of Islamo-Fascism. Bush's 20,000 troops proposal is a first step. But I fear he's being too soft on the War on Terror. He's almost a liberal. He doesn't even call this War for what it really is a War on Islamo-Fascists.

Anyway, thought you'd all like to know two libertarian Republicans are planning to run for President.

Wayne Allyn Root - Legendary Las Vegas Sports Oddsmaker, and self-described Libertarian Republican, is planning an Exploratory Committee for President to be launched later this month. Root has had recent appearances on Fox News, CSNBC, ABC Sports, ESPN, and even HBO. A major Production Company is planning to do a Reality Show on his life and possibly campaign for President. Root is a motivational speaker. He calls himself a "Libertarian Republican," in practically every other breath. His "8 out of 9" correct Bowl games predictions, two weeks ago, has boosted his profile even further in the Sports Betting community. Root is also Author of the Best-selling book "Millionaire Republican."

Michael Moriarty announced his intentions to run for President early yesterday in a Hawaii newspaper. Moriarty is an Emmy-Award winning actor, star of the 1990s hit TV series Law & Order. Moriarty is a self-described "libertarian conservative". He is a strong supporter of President Bush and the War on Terror. He's also a vehement critic of political correctness and the liberal Hollywood establisment. Ironically, Moriarty's sister is married to former Republican Congressman Rick Lazio of New York. This has led to speculation that he will seek the GOP nomination, although some have suggested he may run as a Libertarian. In 1998 Moriarty was featured in an extensive interview on the front page of Libertarian Party News. He has been listed as a "Libertarian Celebrity" ever since.

Full details at

Jeff Pruitt said...

Can a Libertarian candidate run on a pro-war platform? I thought that was completely antithetical to the party platform/pledge?

Robert Enders said...

Jeff, anyone can run on any platform they like, but a pro-war candidate would probably not be nominated by the LP for president.

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