Friday, April 20, 2007

Verizon Fios, you have got to be kidding me

So Verizon finally talked me into "upgrading to FIOS."

So I tell them all about my home office setup and they of course tell me that it will be no problem to upgrade me to FIOS.

They came out and buried a cable in my yard last week and they scheduled the installation for today.

Sure enough they showed up around 8:30 Am. When they showed up my phone worked, my fax machine worked, my internet connection worked from all three computers, I could get email from all three computers, and most importantly I could share files on all three computers.

They just left around 5 PM. My phone and fax finally work again, they removed my DSL connection, my FIOS connection works on one computer, they left a new wireless router that is called an Actiontek Router, my wireless network does not work, neither of my remote computers can access the internet or get email, and I cannot share files from computer to computer. The techs told me to call Verizon and they would fix everything.

I would not let the techs leave until I got their names and phone numbers...

So I call Verizon's tech support for new users and we spent about 40 minutes on the phone. They assured me that everything is fine and that I need to reconfigure my entire network and that I need to make everything work again because it is not their problem...

Holy crap I am angry...

We lost an entire afternoon to those "jokers" and now I have to fix what they have done.

You may want to think twice before upgrading to FIOS if you have an existing Wireless network...

I am going to take a few minutes off, eat dinner, and then I will most likely go and re-install my wireless network.

Oh and I forgot, every email I now get comes to me twice becuase of a new email address they added to my outlook account.

Mike Sylvester


Marvin Hoot said...

Let me know what you find out. I had the same type of experience and I was in the IT industry. Network stuff isn't new or strange to me.

I have reconfigured all my computers and they still don't share. At least I got them all to connect to the internet.

It's been a month now.

Karen Goldner said...

Computer problems are VERY frustrating. I must say that mine actually were FIXED when I switched to FiOS (although I didn't have an existing wireless network.) But I got a new computer recently with Vista and for some reason I can't get the speakers to work. Aarrgghh!

GOOD LUCK, MIKE. We share your pain.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll need to switch to Linux :-P

Andrew Kaduk said...

Good luck w/ Verizon tech support. They are all in Bombay. Once the FiOS is working properly, you'll love it, regardless the native tongue of the help.

Robert Enders said...

I use Comcast for 'net access, and Vonage for phone service. I use Verizon for my cell phone.

Also, I have the limited basic service for $10 a month. It gets me a $15 a month discount for my DSL service and it lets me watch the Doug Horner Show.

John Good said...

I hafta agree with Andrew on this one. I had a smooth install, and my entire 4,500 sq.ft. is hot - my laptop works everywhere! I'm two rooms away and one floor above my router right now, and I have a 54 Mbps connection.

I hope they (or you) get it straightened out, you'll love it once it's working!

Vulgrin said...

Oh god, Linux wouldn't solve anything here. Back in your hole Zealot!

Mike, is there some reason you can't use your old wireless router? If they made you use a new one, its quite possible that your WiFi cards don't like it for one reason or another. (Sometimes, wifi between brands can be nasty.)

Luckily for me, when they came out and did mine right after it launched, they brought out the exact same router that I already had. So, I just got the info that I needed from them and set up my current router to talk to their service.

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