Sunday, April 22, 2007

Republicans running for City Council

Last week I made a post about the 7 Democrats running for the "at-large" positions on City Council and their positions on Harrison Square. Basically five are opposed to it as it stands and only two are in favor.

This is not the case on the Republican side.

I will use this to illustrate that in my opinion the modern Republican Party often stands for big government...

Per today's JG:

John Crawford is on the fence
Bob Morris, against the project as proposed
Adam Mildred, cautiously optimistic, sounds like he would vote for it
Kurt Gutman, against the project as proposed
Elizabeth Brown supports the project as proposed
Marty Bender, said he would vote for the project

So lets summarize the Republican Responses:
On the fence = 1 (We will find out Tuesday)
Against project as proposed = 2
In favor of the project as proposed = 3

So the Democratic at-large candidates oppose Harrison Square by a healthy margin and the Republican at-large candidates support the project by a slim margin.


This helps illustrate my point that The modern day Republican party is full of elected officials and candidates that support larger and larger government...

AWB, do you find this encouraging?

On another note I have pulled down the poll that Sam Talarico suggested. The poll was on the Republican at-large City Council race:

In order of votes, largest to smallest:

Adam Mildred, 88
Rob Morris, 66
Kurt Gutman, 64
Marty Bender, 61
Elizabeth Brown, 51
John Crawford, 46

These are surprising numbers. As always this is not a scientific poll it is just the opinion of some of the readers of this blog.

I have to agree with Sam Talarico, this is going to be a very close race and it will be difficult to predict who will win.

I will start posting predictions on Primary races soon... This is going to be one of the toughest ones to predict.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

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Angry White Boy said...

John Crawford is on the fence
He must be watching your poll and the poll on the News Sentinel, he's losing in both of them. Mildred and Morris are leading over there. I believe Doc Crawfish's days are numbered. He's going to flip-flop back and fro on this the way Nelson Peters did and commit political suicide.

Bob Morris, against the project as proposed
Adam Mildred, cautiously optimistic, sounds like he would vote for it
Mildred would not vote for it, we've talked about it.

Kurt Gutman, against the project as proposed
Smart guy, his yard signs are poppin' up all over my neighborhood.

Elizabeth Brown supports the project as proposed
Marty Bender, said he would vote for the project

They really don't count and on top of that I don't think either of them have a chance in the primary.
If I were taking bets, it would be on Mildred and Morris for At-Large.

In the end it really doesn't matter what the last four would do but I see the point you’re trying to make.

If Crawfish and Doc Hayhurst change their minds we could beat this thing.
If Talarico were held against his will tied to a pole at Shangri La... well.
Didier has really disappointed me.

Councilman Tom Didier, R-3rd
Councilman Tom Hayhurst, D-4th
Councilman Tim Pape, D-5th
Councilman Glynn Hines, D-6th
Councilman Sam Talarico, R-at large

Councilman Tom Smith, R-1st
Councilman Don Schmidt, R-2nd
Councilman John Shoaff, D-at large

Councilman John Crawford, R-at large

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I am not sure about Adam Midlred and this project. I like Adam; however, when he talks about this project he does a whole lot of "hedging" and I have not heard him take a stance....

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the bottom 3 were the candidates endorsed by Sam T. Is that a coincidence?

Anonymous said...


I think this race is now closer than when we originally discussed it. It is going to look like a 6 person deadheat depending on what happens Tuesday night. If Crawford votes for Harrison Square it will cost him some votes and bring him back to the pack.

Meanwhile, Morris has picked up the pace and appears to be winning the sign war (besides crawford).

The Anti Smoking Ordinance voters will likely be voting for Bender because of his stated desire to overturn the ordinance.

I still see Crawford and Bender winning with Brown and Morris sluggling it out for the last spot.

Brown will be a bigger problem for Schoaf in the General Election.

The Newspaper endorsements will carry more weight this year than normal. If both papers endorse the same three candidates, then that could put that group of three over the top.

By the way, contrary to anon's comment, I have not endorsed anyone. I just predicted three winners. Obviously, I would like my friend John Crawford to win and I am kind of rootin' for Liz Brown because IMO, she would be a great addition to council.

Sam T.

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