Monday, April 16, 2007

Harrison Square and the Democratic "at-large" seats on Fort Wayne City Council

Please read this article in the JG:

It discusses the seven Democratic candidates for the three "at-large" seats on the City Council.

The most interesting thing to me is their stances on Harrison Square.

John Shoaf: Against due to Baseball Stadium.
Denise Porter-Ross: Supports, however, feels stadium should be multi-use.
Eddie Arrington: Against due to Baseball Stadium.
Melvin Billingsly: Against due to Baseball Stadium.
Richard Cline: Against due to Baseball Stadium.
Michael Reef: Opposed to the entire project.
Thomas Essex: Supports.

This is truly amazing to me. Out of the seven Democratic candidates it appears that:
1 Supports it as is
1 Supports is as long as the baseball stadium has mutliple uses
4 are against the project due to the baseball Stadium (They well might support the project
without the Baseball Stadium)
1 is against the entire project


Five Democratic candidates oppose the project as it stands and two are in favor of it.

The Mayor and Kevin Knuth may want to ask their candidates why they oppose a project Kevin and the Mayor stridently support...

Mike Sylvester


Kevin Knuth said...

No need to ask- this is NOT a partisan issue. We do not control what our candidates say, do or think. That is not the purpose of the Party.

There are Republicans for and against it- just like the smoking ban.

Angry White Boy said...

It appears the democrats are leading in the common sense race, excluding his royal highness and Kevin Knuth.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


Glad to hear it.

Mike Sylvester

Katherine Coble said...

If you can't get a libertarian in office, hopefully you can at least get one of the "against/partially against" folks installed.

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