Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fort Wayne Democratic "at-large" primary

Seven Democrats are vying for three positions on The Democratic Ballot May 8th.

This race did not require as much time to research. The Democratic race involves less money and will be determined almost entirely based on name recognition.

There are 7 candidates:
John Shoaff, Thomas Essex, Eddie Arrington, Melvin Billingsley, Richard Cline, Denise Porter-Ross, and Michael Reef.

I think the top two position in this race are easy to predict and the third position a little harder.

John Shoaff will easily receive the highest vote total in this race.

I think that Denise Porter-Ross will receive the second highest vote total.

I think that Thomas Essex will get the third highest vote total.

I am not voting in the Democratic Primary so I will not be voting for any of these candidates on May 8th.

If I were voting in this race I would definitely vote for John Shoaff. I am impressed with John Shoaff. I would also vote for Denise Porter-Ross. I think that she works hard for neighborhoods. I would also vote for Richard Cline. I think we need more blue collar "types" on our City Council.

Mike Sylvester

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Anonymous said...


I actually think Denise will swept the elections. Her ability to get things done, combined with her knowledge of Fort Wayne and her people skills make her the front runner!

Jodi Dean

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