Thursday, April 19, 2007

Harrison Square on Public Access

I will be discussing Harrison Square on Public Access television tonight with Doug Horner. Please take the time to call in to the show and let us know what you think about Harrison Square!

The show will run from 7 PM - 8 PM tonight and the call in phone number is 422-3902.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

I wll most definitely try to tune in and give you guys a call.

Anonymous said...

Will there be streaming video online? Please say YES

Jeff Pruitt said...

It was disappointed that the audio didn't work

John Good said...

Jeff - ditto

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that I can't read lips. John K.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

From what I understand Doug said it will be re-aired and the audio will work.

Jeff Pruitt said...

Kind of takes the "live" out of the live call-in show

Not much you can do though - it's the library's equipment...

Karen Goldner said...

This is a serious question, and no disrespect intended, but how is it that Libertarians are comfortable having a television show on a publicly-financed tv station? (Let's face it, the cable franchise fee is very difficult to distinguish from a tax.)

Again, I am not trying to be funny or smart alecky here, I am just curious.

(For the record I think it's great that you have a way to get your message out and hope to see the show whenever it airs again.)

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Karen Goldner:

You ask a great and very fair question!

You have a reputation for asking a lot of questions and I think that is a good thing for someone running for City Council!

First of all I feel that most Libertarians oppose the Public Funding of Television. I oppose publicly funded television, I think it is a poor use of public funds.

There is no doubt that Public Access is Publicly Funded. I would like to see the entire program funded privately.

That being said, they are going to spend public money no matter what Mike Sylvester prefers; unfortunately, I am not consulted on these matters.

As long as they are going to spend my money anyway, I might as well use it.

Let me give you another example of this. I oppose any Federal involvement in education and I feel that the entire Federal Department of Education should be abolished.

That does not mean that I will homeschool my children or put my children in private schools beccause the Federal Government does not do things the way I think they should be done?

Does that answer your question?

Mike Sylvester

Jeff Pruitt said...

I don't know how many times I've said this but local public access television is NOT publicly funded.

It's funded throught the franchise fee which is certainly NOT a tax. It's a fee charged to the cable companies for using public right of ways to run their lines, place their boxes, etc.

Karen Goldner said...

Mike, thanks for the very practical explanation.

Jeff, I really think that this is a pretty narrow distinction, but if you would like I will say YES, IT ISN'T EXACTLY A TAX. But I'm only willing to say that because it's much too beautiful an afternoon to debate the matter!

Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...

To All,

I want to thank Jeff for calling in and letting us know about the problem. Once he did so I believe that the issue was resolved.

I have spoken with Norm at Public Access and as soon as he lets me know when the show will be rebroadcast I'll pass that on. At least that way you can get the first part of the program w/ sound.

I had been told earlier that one of my taped shows didn't have sound, but that was only by one person and I thought their television might have a glitch. As this is the second time it has occurred I have informed the staff at Public Access and hopefully no one else will suffer any issues like these.

As I understand the function of Public Access it goes something like this:

#1) Cable TV wants to come to town;

#2) Cable TV needs to run wires to peoples homes;

#3) City tells Cable TV that they must provide certain channels to City for free if they want permission to run wires;

#4) Cable and City come to agreement in initial contract.

I am certain there is way more to it than this. However, it is different from city to city. It has been explained to me that Indianapolis has NO Public Access. Their Mayor and/or City Council either overlooked the need or felt it wasn't necessary to push. Either way it is an asset that Fort Wayne has over Indianapolis.

While the ACPL does pay for the library staff all of the crew who come to work on the shows are 100% volunteers! Only the Director is a paid staff member and we could do that ourselves if we wanted to.

I owe a great deal of respect and thanks to the crew who come in and do the cameras, audio, and lighting. They are taking time out of their schedules on a volunteer basis to help create all of the shows that you see.

Perhaps I will try to interview someone from the Public Access staff to find out exactly how it works both legally and financially as there have been some questions raised regarding this issue. I know I don't fully understand it myself. I just show up and talk.


Doug Horner

Robert Enders said...


Some Libertarians have criticized us for using public access. But Doug, Mike, and I all agree that we should use all resources available to us. I still think that the library can and should be paid for with donations and user fees. But there is going to be a government funded library whether I use it or not, so I might as well use it. I also use the government run postal service, and City Utilities provides my water.

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