Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Harrison Square and City Council

I obviously went to the City Council meeting last night to see what I could find out about Harrison Square. The meeting lasted for about four hours and was well attended.

This will surprise many of you and you should make sure that you are seated.

I found myself in agreement with City Councilman Sam Talarico for about an hour last night...

No, really...

I am not kidding.

I am still opposed to The Harrison Square Project; however, as long as the Mayor's Office releases all of the information that citizens have requested and as long as they release it today I think that City Council should be able to vote on the project by May 1st.

I feel that the Mayor's Office has done an extremely poor job of providing information to the public about this project. During last nights meeting three of the Councilmen who seem likely to support the project told the Mayor's Office that the Mayor's Office needs to release more information to the public.

Now do not get me wrong, I think individual Councilman may feel they need longer to digest the information that I expect to be released today; however, if that is the case they can always vote against the Harrison Square Project.

I am always a little amazed when I agree with Sam Talarico because it seems that he and I disagree on so many issues; however, I think he is certainly right about this issue.

Please realize that I only agree with Sam Talarico on this issue if the Mayor's Office releases all of the information that I have been expecting from them immediately, as in today.

I will be calling the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, and The City Controller immediately following this post to determine when I can go and pick up all of the relevant information about this project.

Mike Sylvester


david said...


I think in the future, a website, and mailing list to notify people when new information is available would help. Of course that doesn't assist the people without Internet ; )


Anonymous said...

I plan on attending the public hearing next Tuesday. I am sure I will see you there.

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