Thursday, April 12, 2007

Firehouse Theatre

The Firehouse Theatre is a neat place in Fort Wayne that may close soon and that is extremely sad. The Firehouse Theatre puts on interesting shows and has a lot to offer...

From the Firehouse Theatre:

It is one month until the lease runs out. I believe the owners have agreed to do a 2 month at a time rental, and they have already reduced the rent by $200, so, in theory, we can continue operations without a new lease signer. Still, I have vowed that, never again will I take money from my family's account to pay Firehouse bills. I've done it for a year and that's enough. If we don't have the dough when rent is due again, I will submit notice that we will vacate.

That means that "Senseless Acts" and whatever else is performed (which right now is two band performances on 2 Saturdays) must pull in enough to pay the bills. I calculate we need to sell approximately 64 seats for each of Senseless's 6 performances. We have 73 seats, so, piece of cake. Really.

Note: 6 performances in a month is very small number, yet with just 6 performances and $250 from the two band shows The Firehouse can pay its bills. If another troupe was sharing the show slots and 12 performances a month were selling 64 seats each, we'd be making twice what we need, so the troupes would get paid over $150 per show.

And..... I'd just like to remind people that we did 12 shows a month from end of June to end of November 2006, three per weekend, but without dedicated crew or help it was impossible to do them right and also get out the publicity so audiences were small.

Independent Troupes that can save the Firehouse are forming this week:
Saturday, April 14
3 pm: Mystery Troupe - experienced child and adult actors
4:30: Improv and Comedy Troupes - Enthusiasm and talent needed, experience not required.

Tuesday, April 17, 1 pm:
Days Troupe - composed of home schooled kids and people available to rehearse days - which during the summer is a lot.

Or form your own troupe. If the Firehouse can squeak through a little longer, its stage slots could become very scarce and valuable soon.

Tomorrow, I will send you a tickets and hours pledge form.

Jeannette Jaquish
Firehouse Theater


Kat Coble said...

Speaking as a youngish, hip type person this is more in line with the type of stuff I'd look for in a vibrant city.

I mean, moreso than Baseball.

And I bet they Firehouse Theatre wouldn't take sixty million bucks.

Robert Enders said...

I've been cast in "Senseless Acts of Comedy". So you can all watch that performance and then denounce my acting skills on this very blog.

David Corcoran said...

This is really too bad. We need more things like this in Fort Wayne.

As an aside, I'm really disappointed that people are claiming that I said I would leave Ft Wayne if Harrison Square doesn't happen. For the record I said that if my business cannot recruit the people we need we would be forced to move. That is not blackmail as stated in a recent article. How disappointing.

I met with with some economic development folks in Indy a couple of weeks back and they are very much promoting that we move our company to the NE Indy technology corridor (Fischers/Carmel). We have no plans to do this but it is that competitive nature that Ft Wayne needs in order to attract and retain companies.

I agree with Nelson Peters view of Harrison Square. It must be multi use. If we do this we need to force the design of the stadium to hold more than baseball including football and outdoor concerts. Instead of here is what we think we could do outside of baseball attitude it must be ... here is what we have desiged so that these activities will happen. I think the City and Hardball could gain more momentum if they put more weight into the multi-use strategy. I do support Harrison Square, but the city must put multi-use into the design and have a clear strategy for this in the negotiations.

Robert Enders said...

Mr. Corcoran, suppose one of the following scenarios took place:

1. Harrison Square is built with the ballpark, but it fails to attract young workers.

2. Harrison Square doesn't get built, but young workers come to Fort Wayne anyway.

Would you stay under either Scenario 1 or 2?

david said...

Its all about attracting talent, HS or not. That's kind of a loaded question.

Robert Enders said...

Since local companies stand the most to gain from Harrison Square, maybe we can line up corporate sponsorships instead of using public funds. Would anyone be terribly upset if Lincoln Life plunked down some money and the ballpark became Lincoln Park?

david said...

I think that should and probably will happen. It did end up happening in Dayton eventually - Fifth Third .....

I think they should sell bricks for a few hundred or a thousand dollars - we would buy one ....

I don't think you will remove public funds with a project this size, but you could certainly reduce them ....

fairplaybeach said...

Here's a link to sponsor bricks for Lucas Oil Stadium:

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