Saturday, April 07, 2007

Anonymous posting

I have decided not to allow anonymous posting on my new blog. I tend to think that you should be willing to be associated with anything that you write.

There are a few people who just go from blog to blog and insult people and do not have the courtesy of identifying themselves.

I plan on allowing people to post under fictional handles. That way I can associate a name or handle with posters and block any that post inappropriate items...

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

I understand the need to identify
guests at websites. I'm wondering
I do not have a blog or a website page to log-in as other. So how will this new format work?

I used to have a sign-in name at
Blogger but it's not recognized
my username and password even after several attempts of getting
my username and password from
Google's/Blogger. When I retreived my username and password at Google/Blogger and attempt to use it on these blogs it does not recognize it.

Not many folks with my name and
only one unique email address.
I prefer to use my name and not recreate a new one.

So, to any tech heads what's the glitch on Google/Blogger. Anyone
else with this login problem where it does not recognize your username being recognized?


bobett said...

I've reset a new password... hopefully this will work.


Excellent thanks

Robert Enders said...

If Mike lets me become the new moderator, I will allow anonymous posters. Keep in mind though that people generally do not take anonymous posters as seriously. There is also the risk of copycat posters. If anyone sees a comment that appears to be from them but isn't, email me and I will delete it.