Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2007 Indiana Libertarian Convention will be held in Fort Wayne

I hope to see several of the readers of this blog at our Convention that is coming up May 18th-20th.

There are two speakers that you may know from Allen County:

Mitch Harper, Fort Wayne Observed Editor
Andy Downs, Mike Downs Center

The annual Business Meeting and Convention of the Indiana Libertarian Party is just around the corner!

We will be electing a new Chair and Treasurer at the minimum! Rumor has it that we may be electing as many as three new officers. Another rumor claims that there will be at LEAST one contested election. Please plan on attending the Convention and participating in the election of those people who will be charting the course of the Indiana LP!

The Event will be held in Fort Wayne this year. Friday night there will be a reception to honor Mark Rutherford and his service to the Indiana LP. This event will give us a great opportunity to thank Mark Rutherford for his service and for his outstanding leadership, please plan on attending!

The Convention itself will be held at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne on May 19th. We have a full slate of speakers in the morning and the Business Meeting will be held in the afternoon. Members of the 1994 Society will be honored at a reception at the Park Place Grill. A buffet dinner will be provided at the Park Place Grill Saturday evening for all attendees and we will retire to a nearby bar owned by a Fort Wayne Libertarian running for City Council.

Breakfast will be provided Sunday morning at The Hilton and there will be a couple of presentations Sunday morning.

The easiest way to register is online at:

Please feel free to contact The LPIN Executive Director to learn more about this exciting event at 317-920-1994. You can also contact Mike Sylvester at 260-338-0833 to learn more about the event.

Please sign up early so that we can properly plan the meals and determine attendance numbers.

Mike Sylvester
Convention Chair


david said...

Yes ! At the Grand Wayne center of all places.

Anonymous said...

The Libertarian Convention is at the GRAND WAYNE CENTER!?!?! Oh the Hypocrisy

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

I think you must have us mistaken for people who don't want to see downtown or Ft. Wayne succeed.

Why NOT support the local market in a place which needs it and it fits our criteria.

We aren't against development, just irresponsible spending and marketin driven principals. We aren't against government, just ridiculous and out of control government.