Monday, April 16, 2007

Personal Attacks

Too many anonymous posters on this blog are making personal attacks on people on this blog.

I have deleted a couple of recent comments because they are inappropriate.

It is ok to disagree with poeple; however, there is no reason get get nasty...

Mike Sylvester


Robert Enders said...

I will do the same when I am moderating this blog, with one exception: I really don't care what the rest of you have to say about me. One thing that John Crawford and I see eye to eye on is that it helps to have a thick skin in politics. He talked about all the nasty messages left on his machine and he just shrugs it off. When you dish out insults, it either does nothing to your target, or it infuriates them and strengthens their resolve. It also makes you look like an idiot when you do it.

Charlotte A. Weybright said...

And I will again agree - I don't think people should be able to hide behind "anonymous."

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