Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sam Talarico Jr.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that Sam and I do not see "eye to eye" on very many issues.

There is a rumor going around about Sam Talarico that is completely untrue. Whoever started this rumor is just making a baseless attack on Sam Talarico and should be extremely ashamed of themselves.

I talked to Sam Talarico last night and, as I expected, he has not accepted a position with Hardball Capital and he is not going to accept a position with Hardball Capital.

I have deleted several comments that were placed on this blog in the last 48 hours that attack Sam with this false claim.

If I missed any please let me know and I will delete them.

I talked to an individual on the phone this afternoon who had heard the same rumor. It is unfortunate that this rumor has spread.

I strongly suggest that you do not spread false rumors and I do not want any more of these accusations made on this blog.

This rumor is pathetic, cowardly, and untrue.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike for giving me some help with the defamatory and slandorous statements being made about me around town.

Not only have I not accepted [or discussed, or quite frankly ever even thought about or imagined] .... the whole Idea that such a position has ever even been discussed is absolutely laughable and absurd. This has been created out of thin air by a Harrison Square oppoent to try and hurt me personally and to try and hurt the project.

This is dirty politics at its very worst and I am glad to be getting out of it soon.

Sam T.

Karen Goldner said...

This reminds me of years ago when the proposed Meijers store on Illinois Road was a matter of some controversy - and the (untrue) rumor was floated around that Greg Purcell, then director of Community and Economic Development, was in line for a position with the company.

We all teased him that he was going to be the guy who sprayed produce. Somehow he never found that terribly funny.

The immediate assumption on the part of some people that ANYONE in government who supports ANYTHING is only doing it out of economic self-interest is very troubling. Does it happen occasionally? I guess, although I can't think of any particular example right now. What I CAN think of is hundreds of examples where it ISN'T true.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Sam is supporting Matt Kelty

Anonymous said...


I left a question for you on Mike's post about the Redevelopment Commission. If you get a momemt, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

Mark Garvin

Robert Enders said...

The idea that a game involving some guys trying to hit a ball with a stick is somehow vital to the future of Fort Wayne is so preposterous by itself that we do not need to make up lies about Mr Talarico.

Whenever you attack the man and not the idea, you create sympathy for the man.

That being said, Karen Goldner, you should understand that economic self-interests plays a huge role in politics. I personally spend about 40+ hours a week pursuing my own economic self-interests. As a taxpayer, I believe that using public funds to build another ballpark runs counter to my economic interests. It increases the odds that my taxes will go up and decreases the odds that they will go down. The use of these public funds to build the ballpark would promote Jason Frier's economic interests. He has stated in the past that he is more motivated by the greater good of Fort Wayne in pushing for this project. I can also say that I am motivated by the greater good of Fort Wayne, since the amount of time and energy I have spent fighting this outweighs any potential economic gain or loss on my part. Without the ability to read minds, it can be quite difficult to prove or disprove someone else's obstinsible motive.

Karen Goldner said...

Robert, I think you missed the point. OF COURSE people operate in what they perceive to be their self-interest, economic and otherwise.

But there is a line in government that shouldn't be crossed, and I think it is a pretty clear and well-understood line. My point was that I do NOT see that line being crossed by Fort Wayne's elected officials, either in general or in the instance of Harrison Square.

You can either like or dislike your city elected officials for a wide variety of reasons, but don't think that they are behaving unethically.

Robert Enders said...


I misunderstood you then.

Frederick said...

Sam Talarico is a pretty smart guy, a competent attorney, and an experienced politician. I find it difficult to believe that he would ever have the lapse in judgment required to do anything like this, knowing it would have a long-term adverse affect on him personally and professionally. It just doesn't track.

Jeff Pruitt said...


"The immediate assumption on the part of some people that ANYONE in government who supports ANYTHING is only doing it out of economic self-interest is very troubling. Does it happen occasionally? I guess, although I can't think of any particular example right now."

I could provide many examples at the federal level - the most obvious being the revolving door from Congress to K-Street. Others include EPA officials taking jobs with oil companies and trade negotiators that go work for the very companies their deals benefit.

I'm not suggesting this takes place locally but it's easy to imagine WHY people are cynical...

Anonymous said...


The failure of our Cityt officials tp timely provide requested information, even after being chastized by members of City Council, certainly does not instill confidence in me. Yes, I think they have something to hide.

Mark Garvin

Marvin Hoot said...

Sam is a lawyer. He has partners and undoubtably would not place his private practice at risk with a conflict of interest.

I believe Sam is an honorable man and is supporting what he believes in his heart to be the best choice of projects for Fort Wayne.

It is one thing to be against a project. It is quite another to be against a person.

I believe every individual was created by God and, as such, is important to God. I believe that messing with God's creation is very close to messing with God himself.

I believe it is best for people to just stop beating Sam up and just deal with the true issues.

Best Regards to all,

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