Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Indiana Big Government Republicans at work...

The House Public Health Committee voted 11-1 today to approve a new health coverage plan for uninsured Hoosiers, this bill is Senate Bill 503.

Does anyone remember the reaction from REPUBLICANS when Hillary Clinton wanted to socialize medicine? How the Republican Party has changed in a few years.

This silly plan will require individuals whose family income is below 150% of the Federal poverty rate to pay 2% of their family income for health care. Those families that make between 1.5 times and double the Federal poverty rate will pay 3 percent of their family income for health care.

This plan was spearheaded by both Republicans and Democrats:

6 Democrats voted for this bill, 5 Republicans voted for this bill. The sole dissenting vote was a Democrat...

What is going on in Indiana?

I have not had time to read the bill closely and it is not in its final form yet; however, leaders of both The Democratic and Republican Parties are full of praise...

So lets say you have a family of four and you make $41,000 dollars per year. Per House Bill 503 The State of Indiana will subsidize your health care. The family would have to pay $1230 for health care; the State of Indiana (You and me) will pay the rest. The average family health care plan costs almost $11,000 today per USA Today... This is going to get expensive for the taxpayers and the medical community is going to prosper even more...

This will actually raise the cost of health care in Indiana since the Indiana will end up throwing a huge amount of money into health care. We will see prices go higher and higher.

Good Grief...

Mike Sylvester


Kat Coble said...

What's going on?

It's called "incumbent vote-purchasing", that's what's going on.

Earlier in the conversation on Harrison Square I mentioned that as a Libertarian I favour referenda for large expenditures.

This is a case in point.

As long as expenditures are passed by a legislature, they serve as covert campaign financing.

Toby Kamau said...

The GOP is full of conservatives, which means they are SLOW to change. Democrats are progressive, pushing for a positive change.

Things are going to come full circle next year when Hillary is elected president and republicans are going to block Her current proposals by supporting what she proposed, and they blocked, 16 years ago.

Andrew Kaduk said...

I think "Toby" is really high...

...on something.

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