Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Who I am voting for November 7th and why, part 8

Secretary of State.

Secretary of State is a very important position that few people understand. The Secretary of State handles business filings and election filings.

Todd Rokita, incumbent Republican. Todd Rokita is a lawyer. He is best known for the Indiana voter ID law he helped push through.

Democrat Joe Pearson. Joe Pearson has a strong background in farming and education.

Libertarian Mike Kole. Mike Kole is a strong candidate who advocates fair elections, 3rd Party access to the ballot, and opposes gerrymandering of Districts by Reps and Dems.

Bill Stant, write-in candidate, member of The Green Party. Bill Stant is a qualified candidate who is a write-in candidate due to Indiana's difficult ballot access laws. Bill Stant is a write-in candidate because of laws Democrats and Republicans have enacted.

Mike Kole is a frequent commenter on this blog and ran this blog while I was on vacation. Mike Kole is a friend of mine and has done a great job running for Secretary of State.

I hope that EVERYONE reading this blog votes for Mike Kole. We need a Secretary of State who is more interested in running fair elections then in ensuring Dems and Reps are elected each year.

Please vote for Mike Kole.

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

I sure as hell wont

Robert Enders said...

Anonymous is quick to say what he or she is against, but never says what he or she stands for. This person has not even bothered to craft a pseudonym. Anonymous is some lonely suffering soul in cyberspace who seems to get gratification at the misery of others. Whoever you are, I hope you get help soon.

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